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  1. Going to tell him! Thanks Laming
  2. Good suggestion! Those pawn are really good and I would like to keep using them.
  3. I like that idea! Hope it can be added.
  4. "Some people are desperately looking for scapegoats, they just don't want to see the truth!" - Jonathan Davis
  5. The problem is not about how to put a radio. Radio located inside the chat (flash) lag, audio goes back of 2 seconds every 1-2 minutes. This doesn't happen when they are located below the chat. @muffins one week, because some people told me about that problem and I started to listen radios to see if it was real or not. To explain better I recorded this bug (sometimes it goes back much more than that):
  6. It is true, it does a loop back to 3 seconds before. It happens every 2 minutes more or less, with different radio stations.
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