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  1. This bug is related (show) power. It might be extended to others powers.
  2. Jedi

    BOTSTAT API & stuff

    Does it work with bots on others users ?
  3. That's a great addition !!! Plus this feature being power is justified. (Order your friendlist - Premium stuff)
  4. Jedi

    New login pages

    Thank you for your clarification @SLOom @LaFleur I was probably held with the old page too, I don't trade/transfer everyday, that's why I didn't notice. xat is the only website I know with those kind of protections. Even my bank doesn't block me for connecting from another country. Is it possible to add another option "No protection" or "Google Auth protection ONLY"? Without this option added, I will be most likely held forever .
  5. Jedi

    New login pages

    Yes I was moving between countries before the change. Request a location update twice a day to avoid being held is maybe too much? A "Off" button is the solution.
  6. Jedi

    New login pages

    It's not equal. I was not held before this change. I am between two countries (France/Switzerland) everyday.
  7. Jedi

    New login pages

    Since the new login page is up, I keep getting "held for 5 days". Is it possible to add a protection OFF like it used to be?
  8. Jedi

    The limit of days

    Simple, everytime we reach 9000 days, users get an error. Way to fix it -> Sell those 9000 days.
  9. "Works perfectly" != ready to be implemented in any project. @xLaming Send me a PM if you need help to use composer. Edit: I did a fast review of your code. First, do you want to use PHP7 for this library? Instead of cast each return of your functions, you can use https://www.php.net/manual/en/functions.returning-values.php#functions.returning-values.type-declaration And returns are random, object/int/bool, can you use string? (return formated json) About code replicate, you have 3 times is_epic, is_game... It would be better to create a private function. After all these changes, you will be able to use composer. Then if a developer wants to use your library, he can use "composer require xlaming/xatlib", and use it in his project "Use xlaming/xatlib" "$gifts = xatlib::userGifts(123456);"
  10. Hey, Can you use composer? http://www.darwinbiler.com/creating-composer-package-library/ Actually your code is unusable. Add some tests + psr2 check (travis pipeline).
  11. Hey, Nice collection power! You can check if you have all required powers using !super [anime/summer/halloween/xmas/heart] [user (optional)] on any chat with Ocean (10101).
  12. Jedi

    Shortname Page Update

    Hey, Sorry to be like that, but why are they moving those pages to this new "ugly" (my opinion) template? Why don't they simply integrate html5 chat to the current bootstrap template? Or create a new template from Bootstrap 4 if they want something new?
  13. In development . Will be multiplayer 10 max.
  14. Help people for yourself. Don't help to get rewarded.
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