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  1. Why is Techy's chat cooler than ours?
  2. What are things to test? Emerald pawn is working fine.
  3. @SlOom Emerald pawn too... (think)
  4. It's xat's identity, they can't change how it looks like. The only thing they can change is the code behind this.
  5. As you may know, I own a bot provider. Since now few months I keep lossing bots. They don't go to others, they simply quit xat. And this guy is right, how many posts like this do we need to create? In my opinion, it's too late. Too many users left.
  6. And there are still not fixed.
  7. What's about a button to switch to Google or Bing API? (um)
  8. Just check the number of downloads. (More than 100 millions in total)
  9. It's not new, it was introduced then removed.
  10. It takes time to have your cards to a correct level, and of course need some skills... I'm playing since a year now. You can try, but don't do like Kyle, he didn't even taste the game at arena 3 .
  11. I spend most of my free time on this game. I have 4600 trophies. I really like this game and its community, developers give us an update and balance every weeks/every 2 weeks. It's perfect. My favorite letter? I think you wanted to say the favorite card. I don't have any, I like to play with all of them. My current deck is: Golem, goblins, minions, log, ebarbs, poison, electro wizard, zap.
  12. Of course the new emerald pawn is not available on mobile. The pawn is released since a month...
  13. More than 10 likes, they are all happy you are leaving!
  14. @Admin Ruby pawn on bots is still broken. Can you take a look at it?