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  1. Jedi

    Spotify Connect for xat

    xatbot is already able to give you your current song. Waiting for xat to implement something to edit user's scroll + adding power statusscroll. @LaFleur suggested this last year.
  2. Jedi


    Love this! (L)
  3. Jedi

    IOS Testflight 1.10.2

    Show :’(
  4. Jedi

    Rank Based Chat Scroller

    It's broken since months/years.
  5. Jedi

    IOS Testflight 1.10.2

    Still no show power
  6. Jedi

    Tickle On/Off

    Who cares if someone clicked on you or not. People are paranoid
  7. Jedi

    IOS Testflight 1.10.2

    We can't see (show) anymore .
  8. Jedi

    Sohbet and Help Animated Backgrounds.

    Nice but broken on html5 version.
  9. Jedi

    OceanProject is dead

    https://prnt.sc/i5u9fy You can set them by yourself, up to you to use google translate or not .
  10. Jedi

    OceanProject is dead

    Admin asked bot providers to remove commands interacting with all users on a chat, so I won't be able to add this command, sorry. About the language, you can changed every bot messages.
  11. Jedi

    473 Goodfriend

    I was busy lately with somes fixes and adding things. Should be ok for next power
  12. Jedi

    Make LIMITED powers Auctionables

    And what should be their price on auction? current price? store price?
  13. Jedi

    480 DRAGONS

    Will be fix soon sorry
  14. Jedi

    Well deserved!

    1. Crow


      Thanks Jedi! Good luck with the new bots! (cute)

  15. Jedi

    OceanProject is dead

    Nope, you have access to the bot via your account. You don't need to impersonate the creator of the bot. No one wanted to do this. Better now than never. xat.com/Chat and xat.com/Helfen changed their bots. Let's see for others.