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  1. for powers like (gkpanda) and (gkkitty), you can only use the smilies when a chat has them assigned. i also noticed that some powers like (summerflix) and (sea), you can use the smilies when you also have the power. with this update, users who have that gkpower will be able to use the smilies from that gkpower.
  2. Five

    xavi profiles

    you know how when you change your name, you can make a new profile and save the previous profile? well how about in xavi? what if i wanted to create a new xavi and be able to keep the old one in case i want to go back to it? with the profiles option, switching/creating xavis will be easier. here's a poorly made visual: i don't know what to do with the sliders, so they're just there.
  3. why make a new power just for additional effects for namewave? it should be an add-on to namewave because then it'll be a waste of 25,000 xats (like it already is).
  4. i don't know why this idea isn't implemented in namewave, but it should. anyways, i propose an idea that we should be able to change the direction of the namewave. instead of the wave going from right to left, which i find unappealing, there should be a code where you can go from left to right, up to down, or down to up (or just make the angle limit to 360 degrees since the current limit is 45 degrees).
  5. 666 is suppose to be a "random" score number; same as 4 minutes and 20 seconds being the time. if the gamerace/gameban made a debut, it would be impossible to get 666 as your score since the score would probably go up to numbers ending with 0s.
  6. tl;dr: there's a game called simon. it's a memory skill game. the point of the game is to memorise the pattern/lights as best as you can. you can play simon here if my explanation is trash. the point of this thread is for xat to create a gameban/gamerace similar to the game simon. i suggested some ideas to make the game interesting.
  7. i got this idea from playing neopets (don't judge bro) and i thought to myself: "hey, xat should make their version of simon!" i would like for this game to be a gamerace where everybody can compete against each other. the timing and levels can work the same as darts. scoring? i'm not sure how that'll work. the game could start out with 4 smilies to click on (the smilies could have audio or light up or both ). as the game progress, i have some ideas on how to make this game interesting: - the pattern time increases. - the mascot (either t
  8. Five

    xat pawn shop

    (might have been suggested before) there should be a page where you could sell your chat/shortname and the system would buy it for a reasonable amount of xats so that it could be put back for sale. after the system buys the shortname, the account will be deleted and gives you the k2 in case you want to use the id again (or for chats, the chat's email is no longer the chat's email). the reason why i suggested this because i don't like the idea of deleting your shortname and then the user buying the shortname would have to create a ticket to put the shortname up for sale, which wastes time and x
  9. i made sure this power wasn't suggested before in the new forum (i don't know about the old forum because rip access). also, you are welcome to create some examples for me. explanation of what the smilies should look like will be in the spoiler box. some smilies could be (bagging), (deciding), (cart2), (paying), (grocerybag), (cashier), (checkout), (butcher), and (cartride). the hats/pawns could be a shopping cart or a grocery bag. and yes, i don't know the difference between a grocery store and a supermarket. they're the same (to me), but i prefer grocery store than su
  10. Instead of making multiple threads for an animal power, why not put them all in one thread? You can discuss suggestions for animal powers here. I compiled a list of most animal suggestions. The ones with an asterisk (*) are suggested by me. alligator/gator* alpaca* ant (suggested by Bau) bat (suggested by Frozenzuke) bear (suggested by Abraham) bunny (suggested by Lunala) cat (suggested by frozenzuke Lunala), chameleon (suggested by Junior) chipmunk (suggested by Fiona) cockroach (suggested by Crow) crocodile* din
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