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    wheres ur mullet gone

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      oh hi seyon lol! also sry for late response. ur forehead denies ur 80s elegance

  2. There are far too many things you can do to your name now to the point it's getting borderline ugly. Anymore and we would end up getting a wordart feature.
  3. Ryan


    I don't see any potato therefore you lose. and I immediately win Ryan 20132013
  4. Ryan


    I have a strong sense of déjà vu
  5. Ryan


    This would work well alongside an @ feature where you can mention a user (using their regname) and it sends them an alert noise that can't be muted if you have the user added. Together these would make a cool new feature and keep xat moving with the times. I wouldn't support this being a power, should be available to all.
  6. This is a great idea but it would need admins backing. There would also need to be an understanding on how important the bug is, there are bugs on xat that have been around for years and haven't been fixed, so I can see people reporting bugs that mean something to them, the community supporting the fix, then it never being done (i.e the gamebans, when gamebans were a big things a few years back, there are still so many bugs with them which were bought to the attention 349082340982 times but nothing was ever done), but if there can be a committed team to fixing these bugs, it would be a great idea.
  7. I don't think I even need to say...
  8. Throwback to when Chelly and Steven were BFF'ed and everyone thought they were dating. Now they are hosting family feud together. Coincidence? I think not.
  9. hi This would be cool, finally a way to make the people who don't shower daily feel guilty mwahahaha. I'd like to see more day-to-day life smilies in general.
  10. I'm not saying that I don't agree but, why should people with 3 letter names be made to work for their shortname whilst others can simply buy them?
  11. There's different ways of looking at it. Firstly, yes it's rare and in that way 'special' and 'cool', and if loads released it wouldn't be so special anymore. Secondly, say 'Bob' was released - the richest Bob is surely going to win the shortname, which I think is unfair to the poorer users who may have been on xat longer/done more for the site and are more deserving - not everyone can throw around huge chunks of cash online. A better way to release them would be to put a max value on them, and allow users to enter a draw to win it, and prevent people buying them soley to sell on for profit - if yo name ain't bob you ain't coming in. Thirdly, I've always thought xat should release the common 3 letter names, because I feel like people with 3 letter names are missing out, and that's very sad to the point it makes me tear up rip Dan, Bob, Tim, Pam, Tod (this is as far as my brain allows me to go).
  12. I support this idea because I was very upset when the poop power was changed to 'fools'. This would bring back some wonderful memories.
  13. As the help scroll currently states; 'you may now request for an inactive shortname to be put back on sale'. As far as I'm aware, the shortname page has always stated that if your shortname is inactive for 90 days it may be resold. I understand some of the things I bring up may already be in practise, but it's not actually written in words anywhere on the shortname page or the wiki, and I believe it should be. There is always confusion over fact and fiction on xat - the page also states that a user is only entitled one shortname, whilst we all know there are avid collectors of shortnames and they never seem to have a problem - I therefore believe this is an important topic for discussion to clear up any confusion and establish a fair system. As somebody who doesn't have the time to be consistently active on xat, and can sometimes go months without visiting due to a busy work life, I'd like the reassurance that if I cannot get online for a few months that my shortname will not be taken. I paid for this shortname, I have used it for 5 years or more now, and I would not expect a paid feature to be taken from me soley because I am busy in the real world. You don't go to a furniture store and buy a dining table, go on vacation for 3 months and return to see your dining table has been given away because you didn't sit at it for 3 months. Whilst I can understand if a shortname has not been in use for years, other users may desire it and I can see the benefit of reselling it - taking a users shortname after 3 months when they may have paid up to or more than 30,000 xats for it, without any warning, seems a little unjust. What happens to the users account when the shortname is taken, do they lose the entire account, ID, powers included? What happens if a user returns to xat after unforseen circumstances to find their shortname has been removed, are they entitled to a refund? What if the shortname belonged to a long term user, say somebody who had been on the site for 6-8 years? What if the new user starts posing as the previous one - why do volunteers/xat staff get this protection but regular long term users don't? I believe the inactive period should be increased from 3 months to a year, or at least 9 months, and xat should send out a warning email to users BEFORE the shortname can go back up for sale, something along the lines of: 'Ryan - Your account has been inactive for 9 months and your shortname will soon be back up for sale; to prevent this, login at xat.com/login' I don't think there should ever be a situation where a shortname is removed without a 30 day warning period. Please discuss. (also omg my first forum thread in forever how cute)
  14. 20172017 Disclaimer: If I miss out on the yearly IDs AGAIN and become 4 years outdated I will eat the entire xat population.
  15. Considering the amount of radio chats this could be a cool feature. Not sure it would make much of a power, add it to radio and music power?
  16. Whether Lang or Rapid is updated, this is a good idea, it's pretty much always been needed, rapid is useful, but not when we have to put 'legitimate' reasons in bans when on promo.
  17. Ryan

    New features

    Most of the time when I'm watching a video it's because somebody has linked me it in the chat, so I'd probably wanna talk about it while watching it, so I don't see the point in this, the fact it opens in a side tab is fine. Why change something that works. Resizing gamebans is just unnecessary, what's the point. If they're gonna do anything to change gamebans/gameraces, make snakerace free in line with the other races, and fix all the glitches.
  18. Now You See Me 2 - Don't watch it unless you can take Daniel Radcliffe seriously in another role.
  19. This was a rollercoaster of a read. Here's an idea. A paid member of staff who works Monday to Friday 9am-5pm with the aim of improving this sites tragic and bias customer service, in order to improve the service in the long run!
  20. I'm pretty sure this idea has been floating around for a long time and I have never udnerstood why it hasn't been added as a feature, it would have so many benefits compared to drawbacks.
  21. Ryan

    Zest Power

    Wow I see the quality of suggestions has drastically improved during my hiatus.
  22. Nice idea, in general I think there should be more powers to represent diversity across race, disability, sexuality, gender etc.
  23. When I opened this I thought you were going to suggest that typing the word "hello" would automatically trigger the hello smilie, without having to use brackets, which I think would be neat But your suggestion is kinda weird, it doesn't really make sense or seem needed.
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