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Status Updates posted by Ryan

  1. Ryan

    wheres ur mullet gone

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    2. Seyon
    3. Flake
    4. Ryan


      oh hi seyon lol! also sry for late response. ur forehead denies ur 80s elegance

  2. Ryan

    your avatar is a work of art

    1. Flake


      thanks i made it myself from scratch (;

    2. Ereshkigal
  3. Ryan

    happy birthday, this is an accurate depiction of you at your birthday meal, have a great day!!!


    1. Paul


      lmao Mr Bean, "Hello" thanks

  4. What's with these statuses that make absolutely no sense please stop it's very annoying. 

  5. Ryan

    Happy early birthday because I'll forget in 3 days time xoxo

  6. Ryan

    I liked something of yours just to ruin your fun. Much love.

    1. Flake


      "fun" (;



  7. Hi joey graceffas dog xxxx

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    2. Ryan



    3. Verite


      until you find me a bunny named storm i am not accepting these so called compliments

    4. Ryan


      I googled storm the bunny and it came up with this http://prntscr.com/ae6nbv

      Dream guy much?

  8. Happy Birthday Guinhooooo

    grats on forum mod btw xoxo

    1. Guinho


      Thank you Ryaan (hug)

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