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  1. Kale

    Happy Birthday! 

  2. Happy Birthday, Ryan!

  3. Exin

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy   Birthday!    @Ryan

  5. Happy Birthday Ryan.. enjoy your special day.. (hug) 

  6. Marya

    Happy Birthday  Ryan

  7. Maxo

    happy birthday ryan

  8. Ryan

    wheres ur mullet gone

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    2. Seyon
    3. Flake
    4. Ryan


      oh hi seyon lol! also sry for late response. ur forehead denies ur 80s elegance

  9. Happy birthday and happy new year. 


    Hope youve had had a good Christmas you ducking quacker. 


    Enjoy mate.

  10. Happy Bday, Ryan ♣

  11. It's always a treat to wish Happy Birthday to someonem so Happy Birthday Ryan! Enjoy your day! (hug)


  12. There are far too many things you can do to your name now to the point it's getting borderline ugly. Anymore and we would end up getting a wordart feature.
  13. Ryan


    I don't see any potato therefore you lose. and I immediately win Ryan 20132013
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