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  1. Not that bothered about the button colour.. what shall we say : #fde957 seeing as it's a requirement... seems pretty neutral. more importantly, outer colour is #943000.. so that you don't have to tile it, which should work too.
  2. hey man, what's up? Danneh just reminded me of your revival. I hope you are well and that 2016 was more favorable to you than it was to most... and that you have been safe in the light of all that has happened over this year there in London

    1. DangerHartz


      Hopefully he can remind you again lol

      Noting much has changed, still at uni sadly and appreciate the concerns but everything has been basically normal although it was fairly close to home x) had exams during this so of course life had to go on like nothing happened

      Anyways what have you been up to lately?

  3. yo Tim, what are you up to these days

  4. where do you get the GPRs data or whatever to draw these maps?
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