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Status Updates posted by Rhea

  1. Happy Birthday ! 

  2. Rhea

    Happy Birthday !! 

  3. Happy Birthday !! 

  4. Rhea

    Happy Birthday ! 

  5. Man ! I feel like a woman 


  6. Happy Birthday ! 

  7. Happy Birthday ! 

    1. Glorious


      Thank you! (:

  8. Happy Birthday ! 

  9. lalala gettin jiggy with it

  10. Does anyone know how to find out ? 

    When you were bff/Married in xat ? 

    and who you were previously bff/married to .. ? 

    1. Mystic


      I wish I could help but I really don't know how to find out that on xat

    2. iDan


      !relationship and your ID or regname ( Bot ARCBOT )


      or ID/Regname Who do you want or do you think is

    3. Bau


      Everything is possible today.
      with ARCbots you can almost anything to do. (blowkiss)


      Okay, Oceanbots and FEXbots is useful. . . (rolleyes)(d)

  11. Happy Birthday 

  12. I can't Smile without you .. 


    - Carpenters


    1. Mystic


      That's very well said from them!

  13. Happy birthday ! 

  14. Hopelessly Devoted to you ... 


    - Olivia Newton John 

    1. Mystic


      I could never forget how great they were!

  15. Why is the most unanswered question of all questions ... 


    1. LaFleur


      Is there other intelligent life in the universe?

      What happens after death?

    2. Mystic


      Yeah, I agree it’s the most unanswered question.

  16. Stayin Alive , staying alive 



    1. Mystic


      It's a very old song but a great song that I can still appreciate till this day. I remember listening to this song when I was very little XD!


  17. Happy Birthday !! @LaFleur

  18. Rhea

    Happy birthday ! 

  19. I can’t believe we’re messing with the same girl 


    -Usher & R.Kelly

    1. Bau
    2. Mystic


      I absolutely love Usher’s music! I remember I used to listen to it all day in the radio.

  20. I need you boo, I gotta see you boo
    And the hearts all over the world tonight
    Said the hearts all over the world tonight


    -Chris Brown

    1. Mystic


      Even though I never was the biggest fan of Chris Brown, he did have some great music which were great and never should be forgotten. 

    2. Rhea


      and this is one of the song that actually is good 

    3. Mystic


      yeah it's a very good song.

  21. Why can’t I sleep 😭😩

    1. ANGY


      We are two now

    2. Mystic


      I wonder that myself since I usually can't sleep. Just try to calm yourself and clear your head. That's how you get a good nights rest.

  22. Hey Jude , Don't make it bad take a sad song and make it better .. 


    - Beatles 

    1. Mystic


      Beatles always had some of the best music back in the day.

    2. Rhea


      yes they do !! 

  23. When you’ve wasted the whole day waiting for your number inline  to renew your passport and then when it was your turn they asked your birth certificate that you didn’t have so you gotta comeback early in morning again 😩😩


    why nooo say in website that it was needed 😩😩

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. 6


      Where are you renewing your passport, Rhea?

    3. Rhea


      The Philippine consulate 

    4. Mystic


      Yeah I feel your pain Rhea. It must've felt very dreadful!

  24. Full *burp* excuse me 😂😩  sorry 😐 

    I ate wayy too much 😂😭

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Rhea


      Yes very ! Since I didn’t eat lunch i ate too much dinner 😩

    3. DjCrazy


      oo  sis, drink a lot soda will help you <3

    4. Mystic


      Awww I know how that feels like. Hopefully you’ll feel better soon!

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