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  1. Rhea

    Room Connection.

    After I visited no its not happening anymore -
  2. Not that I am aware off - no its not happening anymore
  3. Rhea

    Room Connection.

    at this time I think the owner created a new room - but yea it still happening.
  4. Rhea

    Happy Birthday GIF by memecandy

    I hope you have a very good one ! 

  5. Hello, This issue is not mine but my friend's however they stated that they have been having issues when coming to this particular room. Every other room is fine but when they come here they receive Error message. Is there any particular reason or steps to prevent this ? Thanks ! https://xat.com/sheenasy0707
  6. FIrst we noticed it was just no face on the pawn so we tried to change the code and the pawn disappeared completely. Then we noticed that when I send it the (maniaC) power with big default it would not show but other smiley would.. and when the power is with a word ..
  7. Death is something I maybe waiting for... However, it seems like no matter what I do it doesn't accept me ... (meh). Life sucks sometimes and it seems like there is no escape. 

    1. DjCrazy


      I hope you are ok sis. Sending you a big (hug)❤️

  8. You can help people million of times but when it comes to you who need the help the most... it seems like you  either don't exist or they won't have time for you . 

  9. Can I open a ticket for another account using another account ? since the account I wanna open the ticket for is not a paid user ? and the action I wanna take requires to be a paid user to open a ticket ? - I hope it makes sense. Thanks !
  10. 1 more day...... (wailing)

  11. Ugh I hate being held :(

  12. Does anyone know why HTML5 Wave speed is so fast even if it is set to the slowest ? (f4) but when you go to flash its slow like it should be ?

    1. Junior


      You're right, it's a bit different. We will look into it.


      Next time you can open a bug report on the Bug Tracker.



    2. Rhea


      Thanks. I didn't think of the bug tracker sorry...

  13. Pilipino ka pag naintidihan mo to ....


    Gutom na ako ....

  14. Rhea

    NameGlow HTML5 Bug

    Not anymore this can be close now.
  15. Rhea

    Namegrad Bug

    I am not sure if this bug has already been noted as I haven't seen it anywhere. However, I have seen some users having namewave effect even though they don't currently have the power and only have Namegrad.
  16. Gonna swallow my pride... can somebody tell me...

  17. Havanah ohhh nana 

  18. Chrome, Opera, Firefox ?

    1. VaLsteiN
    2. xLaming


      Opera is based on Chromium (Chrome's base)

      Firefox is the only who doesnt track/steal your information & RAM



  19. Hello I have been having issues with Nameglow on HTML5 . Some rooms I can see my nameglow on my screen but on the other rooms, I can't see my name glow however on all of the rooms the other users can see my nameglow. I have tried everything to see if it was just my system. Thanks in Advance.
  20. Glad to be back again. 

    Quarantine is a blessings in disguise! 

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