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  1. Rhea


    This is a really good idea . Especially if you do not have to reveal the password . I mean, thee is always a possibility that when you trust someone with your room next thing you know the password is changed and you don’t have access anymore . So with this suggestion you can make someone main ( get to change bg , make someone owner , change outer ,) just not room reset .
  2. When you’ve wasted the whole day waiting for your number inline  to renew your passport and then when it was your turn they asked your birth certificate that you didn’t have so you gotta comeback early in morning again 😩😩


    why nooo say in website that it was needed 😩😩

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Rhea


      Ik ! Hehe..it’s just way tooo inconvenient 😩

    3. 6


      Where are you renewing your passport, Rhea?

    4. Rhea


      The Philippine consulate 

  3. Rhea

    Friendlist not Syncing

    This Has been solved ! And fixed ! For me at least ! All I did was leave out the website account logged out for at least 5 hours and just use the app and it synced !
  4. Full *burp* excuse me 😂😩  sorry 😐 

    I ate wayy too much 😂😭

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    2. Rhea


      Yes very ! Since I didn’t eat lunch i ate too much dinner 😩

    3. DjCrazy


      oo  sis, drink a lot soda will help you <3

    4. Mystic


      Awww I know how that feels like. Hopefully you’ll feel better soon!

  5. Rhea

    Tools for xat

    It is actually useful in my opinion especially with the Smiley Generator and shortname price ! Good job laming and I actually appreciate your effort in doing this
  6. Help , I need somebody , not just anybody. 



    1. Mystic


      Beetles have some great music back in the day and were a big part of my childhood. It's great their are still people like you that remember him! Their were the best!

    2. Rhea


      Hahaha I grew up listening to Abba , Beatles , Beegees 😂

  7. When the Heat temp gives you headache 😩! Welp drunk lots of water didn’t help .. now imma try sleeping zz GN everyone 😘😘

    1. DjCrazy


      sis gn, sleep well and i hope soon you will not have a headache anymore

    2. Mystic


      Take care Rhea! Hope you get better soon! 

    3. Rhea


      Thanks ! 

  8. Rhea


    I like this supersummer power the smilies are cute and active pawns are awesome whoever suggested/made this great job! ! P.S Superpower in General is awesome because if you have everything hat is required you got an instant additional cool power
  9. Rhea

    Friendlist not Syncing

    My question is did you open up the topic in the General Support of the Forum ? . so others can help you more ?
  10. Rhea

    Friendlist not Syncing

    I think you should open a topic regarding this at https://forum.xat.com/forum/4-general-support/ so they could help you more . Thanks
  11. Rhea

    Friendlist not Syncing

    welp that's gonna be annoying for a while but ohh wells hehe
  12. MaMaMia here we goo again .. 



    1. Mystic


      Yeah I almost forgot about them! They were a great musical group!

  13. LoL i never knew Youtube offers music app now .. same aspect as Spotify . But the premium payment is 12.99$/month !! 😂🤣 i mean yea they do have lots of songs that spotify that doesn’t but .. expensive though 😩

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    2. Rhea


      OMG I could always add the song that spotify doesn't 

    3. LaFleur


      You can also add youtube songs to your spotify playlist. Just download the youtube video as mp3, then go to Local Files and search for the song and add it to a playlist.

      And if you want this song (from your computer) to be played on your phone too, simply open the Spotify App on your phone while the Spotify program is running on your Computer, this will snyc them.

    4. Rhea


      Exactly ! hehe I don't think Youtube thought of this XD 


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