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  1. MariaLiiz (303261364)
  2. Sugar yes please , won't you come and put it down on me ..

  3. awwww I love this !! thank you so much and I will use the template too
  4. Don't be afraid to catch feelings.. 

    1. Elie


      Nah man be afraid

    2. S0NIC


      We must let the feelings flow, if you catch them then they would hurt us

    3. MariaLiiz


      @Elie its a song :$ by calvin harris 


      @S0NIC true true 

  5. @Fiona oh my gosh ! I love you sis ! Made me laugh too hard =)))) I'm dyin of laughter 

    1. Fiona


      hahahahaha sis me too I'm dying of laughter. It's really funny hahahaha

  6. @MiraL Another one is Ribunny !
  7. cravings
  8. belly
  9. Santa
  10. Main Station
  11. yes the hips don't lie ...

  12. trigonometry
  13. tender