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  1. Yes I have . I even both ways >.< twice
  2. No i wouldn't . Do you like rap music
  3. Sometimes things gets too much and all I think about is if i'm dead the world would be prolly run much better . ..... 😒😥😖☹🙁😢

    1. muffins


      Hang in there (hug)

      Just take the elephant down one bite at a time.

  4. @AdminAfter clicking okay thats keeps popping up, however I can still be on youtube ans internet browser .. and i still have wifi connection I've uninstalled it 5 times ans installed it the same amount still having the same problem
  5. I have tried everything it still has that same message
  6. I did twice , It still did the same problem
  7. I recently Updated my S7's OS and then I tried to login several times and this message keeps popping up .
  8. blisters go away it hurts too much :'(

  9. Happy birthday chelly !!! 

    1. Chelly


      Thank you!!

    2. Blacky


      Happy birthday Chelly, Enjoy! Remember: Life is for living, enjoy that :$



    3. Chelly


      Thank you Blacky :$