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  1. 50 minutes ago, Ronal said:

    Ho lol alguien del Equipo encargado me puede elegir un Smile? para mi? no tengo muchos powers que digamos... si quieren un smile de los que están en xat xd ///

    Ho lol someone from the Team Manager can you choose a Smile? for me? I do not have many powers to say ... if you want a smile of those who are in xat xd

    @Ronal hola, if no choosen your name the judges will give you smilley, intiende? 

    Just please wait, thanks!

  2. 2 hours ago, Paya said:

    I'm also a bit confused. I'm wondering why only certain people have been chosen and how this affects this contest? I think if it was for an entirely different contest then it should have been left until closer to when the new contest would begin, since we still have over two weeks until this one is officially meant to end. 


    Also I'm guessing a trend event is a name that Dimple has given for these types of contests? If not then I'm not sure. 

     @Paya hi, i just made this. And by this weekend i will add more mention names.


  3. Just now, Christy said:

    Wait a minute-- I'm sorry, are we supposed to draw what we pick and send that to the person we choose, or are we just supposed to pick a power smiley? I'm a little confused.

    You will choose of any participant here from they pokemon drawing and u will pick  xat smilley that u want to draw for him/she like

    you choose is "Me"

    then you give a smilley that u want me to draw to doodle for next event trend, like

    "ebunny" < then i will draw this from doodle for next trend event.

  4. Hello everyone, i have question for choosen participant of this event (Only participant of this contest).  I would not say for now the all information about this. We will posted for next Trend event. And i will pick 1 more judge to help @6.


    Here is my question and the mention name.


    For the mention names:

    Except you and your drawing, please choose 1 participant here, no same name. Including what xat smillie power that you want to draw for them.(No yellow free smillie and No pawn related smillie) please.


    Who is you most like pokemon drawing in doodle?


    @MiraL----> fiona/ "gmwave"


    @LaFleur---> Madison/ "abear"

    @Fiona-> MariaLiiz/kplove(gkpanda)

    @MariaLiiz---> MiraL/"Mousie"



    @Zed----> Lafleur/"ghostmon"

    @Christy----> Marshall/"ricebowl"


    --Please think first before you post it and until July 31. Those will be choosen will be go for the next trend event. 

    Thank you so much

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  5. 15 minutes ago, Paya said:

    Might as well post my other entry. If you can't guess which Pokémon this is then I have failed :'( 




    Full picture


    Explanation for image link same as in my previous entry. 

    @Paya hi,


     if you have time can you show me other drawing in a chat room please, let me know what chat you be online so i can be there, thank you.

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