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  1. Hello everyone, first of all thank you for accepting my invitation.

    We all know that the pandemic deadly virus is spreading to all Nation. And we don’t know “When” is gonna stop. The Spirit of Praying, Faith, Love, Forgiveness that i believe who can save our Land. 

    While we in self quarantine at home, please help me to PRAY;

    Praying to heal the infected people  

    Praying to all Dr. and Nurses and Scientist the protection for then to fight back the covid19. 

    Praying to all Leaders in each country

    Praying that hope there are offiacially medicine or any vaccine for Corona Virus.

    Praying for our sinner’s 


    Even thou we have difference religions you can pray for your owned way. I love and i have do respect to all Religions.


    God Bless everyone

    Thank you

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