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  1. 3 hours ago, RobFerrari said:

    Congratulations to the winners!!
    Now, here in public I will ask you, @Dimple your contest was to make an animated "gif", or a short with audiovisual animation content? Because they are two totally different things.
    It seems totally unfair, that in a contest the people who really did what you asked for a "gif" have lost.

    I understand that they could use the "youtube" platform or any video platform, I assumed that for those who could not obtain an original "gif" file (either because they didn't have the program, or x's, etc), they could combine it through a video, but that has already become audiovisual content of another level (nothing to do with what you asked for), with animation, voices, eccenaries, voice effects, etc.
    So, the next time will be more specific, and so the participants make their animations with standards in equality, and not to do a contest of simple combinations of smilies in a gif, so that in the end it wins an audiovisual animation content, which goes beyond what you asked for. (Which I am sure that if it had been, more than one person would have surprised us with their audiovisual animation content as well, with voices, effects, vectors, etc).

    Anyway, I thank you for the contest, I know that many had fun making their gif!

    Hi Rob gm i understand how u feel, there r still coming contest hope we will see u again!  Again thank you so much for joining appreciated.

  2. Hello xaterian’s first of all i would like to thank’s to all partipant’s of this contest. I/we know that you put an effort for your entry, so much appreciated! Maybe we see you again nextime!


    And thank you @lafluer as a prize holder. And for xat got talent’s judges @Lemona, @zw, @miaa, @Camii and thank you so much. 


    Here the results of the 3 winner’s, base on the judges total:


    1st place (Ruby): (Total: 45.65/50) @iSanty

    2nd place (2000xat): (Total: 43.65/50) @Pann

    3rd place (1000xat): (Total: 42.3/50) @Deyvid


    For the 3 winner’s you can get your prize to @LaFleur just message or PM him.

    Thank you again and Congratulations! 

  3. Hello xaterian’s first of all i would like to thank’s to all partipant’s of this contest. I/we know that you put an effort for your entry, so much appreciated! For those are not win maybe we see u again nextime!!!


    And thank you @lafluer as a prize holder. And for xat got talents judges thank you so much. 


    Here the results of the 3 winner’s, base on the judges total:


    1st place (Ruby): (Total: 45.65/50) @iSanty

    2nd place (2000xat): (Total: 43.65/50) @Pann

    3rd place (1000xat): (Total: 42.3/50) @Deyvid


    For the 3 winner’s you can get your prize to @LaFleur just message or PM him.

    Thank you again and Congratulations! 

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  4. I forgot to mention that the https://www.xatworld.com/smileygenerator/ 

    can work only in computer device or laptop, (not in mobile/phone browser) so you can see the xat smilley are moving, and also again someone asking,  It is up to you can Mix or not the xat smiley or xat power’s.  xat Smiley Related only!


    Excited much for xat smiley GIF entry, please take care of my RUBY who win on it. 

    And also @LaFleur pls. do screenshot and post here for the winners tranfer prizes before this topic closed. 

    Thank you again

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  5. Hello everyone, before anything else why i decide to repost the contest here,  because most of people who would like to participant but they don’t know how to connect to the GIF and i/him decided to give a tools HOW!?

    Advisory adding tools in easy ways:

    1) How to connect the xat smiley in animated gif? First go to  https://www.xatworld.com/smileygenerator/ and  took it the any “VIDEO” device like from any mobile/phone etc. 

    Read here the description of the contest:


    Submission of the entry click here:

    Note: You can just comment here or asking a question until the final date of the contest,  but in submission the entry that i mention  above the link you cannot comment  or give a quote’s there only you can react to click the “Award”/smiley for the participant’s Entry. Final date submission is June 20, Japan time( 11:59 PM). 

    Goodluck and have fun to create your own xat smiley animated gif!

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  6. Hello @Admin and the maker of the “Gamebot”.


    First of all I/We thank you for making this game in the xat chat group, i’m very admire of this gamebot so much.


    It’s been years i’ve been sponsor/donators of this gamebot to give other people enjoyment/fun and recieve a prize authomaticaly!

    I just stop because i’m very dissappointed, because one time that we played and “Plai” went to my chat WPY, and she donate also for the gamebot prize fund, but our prizefund xat “Dissappeared”. I saw in my owned eyes and other players too. I try to complain but i decide to let it go. 


    Well anyway, i’m not concern of the prizefund dissappear, i  am concerned to the Gamebot for new xat generation user’s,player’s, gamer’s, donator’s, sponsor’s, i/we hope that can fix/solve any problem like adding a protection of the gamebot for the hacker and bad people around.


    Like in 6/3 in my chat WPY, i let @Coolingman to host the gamebot, but in the 6/4 in morning i recieve a complain for  the “Not Register” person about banning, idk if he/she concerned for the banning or cencern of the xat i put or both(Note: i have a screen shot  and i check in the “Event” also, but i think this is not a place for this matter). As a main owner of the wpy chat,  i talk and ask to them what happen, and they explain to me they r “None register xat people who keep coming in diffirent xat id not register players/users.( i think this matter coolingman can explain for this issue)


    That’s all admin, and thank you also @HelperNate to open this suggestion.

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  7. I love  this idea, i get the point of @ider weither he/she the only doctor’s in xat the point is we are facing right now a covid19 pandemic and if you/we get sick where we can run? Celebrity people?! In your neighbour’s? Doctors, Nurses, and Scientist they r “hero” to face and to fightback for this pandemic, i salute to them. Good job ider and thank you for saving people life! 

  8. Hello i definitely love this idea good job!  And agree to @xLaming can connect also in all flag. 
     bcuz me im doin washable mask and some customer ask me they ask a phil. flag. well i did. Specially  we in situation for covid19  facing now worldwide. Thank you for suggestion for this. And if you use this in animated gif dang this will be more cute(blowkiss)

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  9. hello everyone anytime you can submit your entry here. GOODLUCK GUYS!  The instructions of this contest you can read the top of the menu (Overview)  CLICK the “Win RUBY! Make an animated xat’s smilie GIF” or see below link posted by @Lemona.


    Note: You don’t need to be a programer or pro. to 

    to make xat smilie animated gif, this is easy! I already posted this link on my instructions, again this might be help you. Be advice this link can work by using any personal computer or laptop, bcuz this won’t work by the any mobile or phone browser.

    #Check here your favorate xat smilie




    Hello, it is up to contestant if they want to submit the entry 1 or 2  post xat animated gif or either just 1 only  or both  with background.
    Like example your Entry:

    #1 is for xat smilie animated gif

    #2 is for xat smilie animated gif “WITH BACKGROUND”. (But make sure this #2 same xat smilie that you make in #1 xat smilie animated gif).


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  10. Let’s Rock and roll in WPY Club

    Hey guys im planing to do it here the contest soon! If you have a friends who willing to participate the contest they have time to Join here while is not posted yet! If the contest started and they want to ask to join im so sorry they cannot join the contest here!  Thank you.


    Clue: Prize (Ruby)

    Contest what is about!? (Related xat Smillie)

    Judges: (Secret....)

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