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  1. iwill keep this memories of here and thank u @6

    1. 6


      Thank you ate and Godbless you always!!!


  2. Hello from the other side:)

    Bravo ilove this song so amazing battles😜



    Eversince the world began..


    Happy Valentine’s Day @zed❣️❣️❣️

    💋💋And to all my friends in xat💋💋💋

  5. "In your prayer, remember your Father knows what your needs are before you ask him"



    1. Norris


      You're absolutely right!

  6. "What goes around, comes around".

    When you help others, their a Blessings help you!


  7. @Stif happy Birthday to you!

    Wish you a good health and more blessing to come. And stay as a humble person you are please😘

    1. Stif


      Thank you Dimp! I'll be :$ (blowkiss)

  8. 34qskgl.jpg

    im so happy cuz firstime i saw the xat.com apps is updating to my apps store:$

    thank you xatCom.

  9. a3pBVHI.jpg

    Dear @Fiona, i made Oreo cheesecake for you, hope you like it:)


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    2. Dimple


      Why not..why not.. @xatjapanmeetingplace

  10. e84kqDc.jpg


    1. Fiona


      the the (hehe) 


    2. Dimple


      How about instead 0-9? @Fiona

    3. Fiona


      0 to 10 :$

      10 is a nice number too (toj)


  11. mio509.jpg

    Happy New Year, Everyone!

    “ I want to share my lovely lucky dog here to eveyone to come to your house, i call him Paw-Paw(wailing)

    Bye 2017, and welcome 2018(hug)

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    2. Stif


      Happy new year Dimp and everyone!

    3. LaFleur




      Happy New Year Dimple! 

    4. 6


      Happy new year ate! May you have an amazing year ahead and God bless u and ur fams always! (hug)💖

  12. p4JxBUH.jpg

    My remembrance...

    Happy 4rth of July 2017

    1. 6


      It's really awesome ate!!! Sayang you can't join on pokemon contest (wailing)

    2. Dimple


      I cant im shy @6 😜

  13. What’s your birthday month?



    i dont like my bday(wailing)

    im not rude(wailing)

  14. Add and join and check the contest of

    xat.com ltd. < official fb xat page!


  15. Almost done...for the celebrant birthday  today,

    No bake Cheesecake Nutella Oreo😘

    1. Elie


      Had me at cheesecake

  16. Awesome Movie 2017

    "The Great Wall"

  17. Dear my friend @zed(blowkiss)


    Happy Birthday to you

    Stay humble, nice person, and friendly.

    No matter what... im just here

    Always take care of yourself where ever you go.

    Hope your dream will come true, and wishing you a good health, and to finish your study (Gambate ne). 



  18. Dream to have a (Ruby) power!?

    This is your chance to win a contest Soon in 

    https://forum.xat.com/clubs/ name WPY just click the botton Join Club. Everyone is welcome even the volunteers can. Let’s have fun while we are in home quarantine! 
    Keep safe, and stay in xat(blowkiss)

    Contest about: (related in xat smilie)

    Judges: (Secret, but later will be announce!)

    1. DUYGU


      This is great, thank you for informing us

  19. Happy birthday @DjCrazy wishing you a good health and blessed for u and ur family!


    happy bday to u too @Booh 


    happy birthday GIF by Leannimator

    1. Justo


      @Dimple gm how are you ty 8-) (hug)

  20. Happy Birthday @Zed;

    I have simple gift for you please click this link my own revive song, hope you like it. sorry littlebit miss cuz i have no time. Wish for you many bday to come and a good health. 



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    2. Dimple


      Bozz here i fix my song for you

      Its 10 times i repeat to make it good hehe...



  21. Happy halloween to all. 



    @Fiona here my halloween custome(wailing)(wailing)(sry)

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    2. Fiona


      I'm dying of laughter haha! pretty :$


    3. Dimple




      @Fiona which one is better?!(sry)

    4. Fiona


      the new one :$ 


  22. Happy Heart Day every1, Enjoy and have a blessing day!

    @zed bozz for u Happy Valentines Day.

  23. HBDay manu, wish u more make free bg to come(wailing)

    and good health everyday!

    1. Manu


      Haha Thanks Dim (hug)

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