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Bug Comments posted by Dimple

  1. On 3/20/2021 at 7:49 PM, LaFleur said:

    @DjCrazy @Dimple Something was fixed, does it work now?

    Let me double check.


    Update from @theFlower the xavi is working to her now. And the other’s i need to double check for them and update here later.


    update again, 

    The xavi it’s working fine to me, some i know who didn’t work before beside thFlower and like Ch3rry, stif there xavi are perfectly working for them now, confirm! 

    Thank @LaFleurand the developers team for the efforts!

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  2. Hello again, i’m trying to figure out what is wrong for xavi, 


    adding info:


    •I just try to both different windows like 8-10, it’s working to me

    •i just try to different browser like Edge, it’s working to me. I used google chrome its working to me too. 
    •i ask someone to  Clear cache it is not working for them either.


    Suggestion I hope you can try it on people who do not work the xavi.


    hope this can help, thanks

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  3. 10 hours ago, theFlower said:

     what dimple said its true. dear @Dimplethanks for the help and for all those amazing informations. (blowkiss) maybe soon they will fix it

    Dear sis  @theFlower 😘we need to give them more information so they can easy for them to solve the problem! 

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  4. I confirm yes they don’t work to @theFlower and for @Zaki also, we were on HTML5 chat to try it many times but is not working to them the xavi changes. Even they Save it and Refresh the browser. But for me it’s working.

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