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  1. @muffins added one of the judge, thank you!
  2. @MInfinityMusicB you can choose too. Please check the information above, thanks!
  3. hi, reminders for the new coming participants please dont forget the full doodle/chat preview too. thank you so much!
  4. If no one choosen your name Judges will decide to give the 2 smillie power for you.
  5. You need to choose too @ANGY (redface)
  6. @Paya hi, i just made this. And by this weekend i will add more mention names.
  7. For another topic @LaFleur, after this pokemon doodle finish.
  8. Nop rhea i already posted those you will choosen will be go to the next trend event(cry)
  9. Yes, and no same person that already choosen pls thanks
  10. You will choose of any participant here from they pokemon drawing and u will pick xat smilley that u want to draw for him/she like you choose is "Me" then you give a smilley that u want me to draw to doodle for next event trend, like "ebunny" < then i will draw this from doodle for next trend event.
  11. Hello everyone, i have question for choosen participant of this event (Only participant of this contest). I would not say for now the all information about this. We will posted for next Trend event. And i will pick 1 more judge to help @6. Here is my question and the mention name. For the mention names: Except you and your drawing, please choose 1 participant here, no same name. Including what xat smillie power that you want to draw for them.(No yellow free smillie and No pawn related smillie) please. Who is you most like pokemon drawing in doodle? @Brandy @MiraL----> fiona/ "gmwave" @Fori @LaFleur---> Madison/ "abear" @Fiona-> MariaLiiz/kplove(gkpanda) @MariaLiiz---> MiraL/"Mousie" @Crow @Madison @Zed----> Lafleur/"ghostmon" @Christy----> Marshall/"ricebowl" --Please think first before you post it and until July 31. Those will be choosen will be go for the next trend event. Thank you so much
  12. @Paya hi, if you have time can you show me other drawing in a chat room please, let me know what chat you be online so i can be there, thank you.
  13. @vonderol this thrend is for xat application bugs. and try to ask your question on that link site. Thank you!
  14. https://www.smule.com/p/440616415_175483275 love to hear my own revive😜 With sub. English lyrics:) "Your kindness is about to change your future"
  15. Dont you remember by Adele https://www.smule.com/p/440616415_175753682 and Agains all odds(cd) https://www.smule.com/p/440616415_177423889
  16. @Bau slamma jamma u will like it, its so cool movie. Iwill pc u where u can watch it😜 But that 2 movie i just watch on my fb some people post it for free hehe
  17. @Kriz is this what u mean? @Voymo here The original movie Is about vampire
  18. please with including full screen of doodle and dont forget your username/id Thank you
  19. I recieve the prize, thank u Bryan. I won @Zed 😜.
  20. p4JxBUH.jpg

    My remembrance...

    Happy 4rth of July 2017

    1. 6


      It's really awesome ate!!! Sayang you can't join on pokemon contest (wailing)

    2. Dimple


      I cant im shy @6 😜

  21. My Snoopy here wondering where he can put the flag... HAppy 4rth of July everyone and xatCom
  22. Happy birthday @ANGY

    1. DjCrazy


      Happy Birthday @ANGY .I wish you all the best <3(hug)

    2. ANGY


      Thaanks dimple <3

      Aww thanks sis @DjCrazy ! 

    3. Bau


      Happy Birthday Angyyyyyyyy Gy gy Angy! (hug) (kiss)(yum) xD

  23. @LaFleur iwas serious to look ur drawing and after i read ur message umake me laugh hahaha
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