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  1. The Pilipina🇵🇭 Gorgeous Singer Performance “Bella Santiago” Rolling in the deep, the X Factor Romania grand winner(pty). Thumps up🙌
  2. Even no picture with @Maverickand @Tom2, and 42, and some smilie maker and developer of the xat. Happy Valentines Day! Thank you for creating the xat,com.
  3. This was taken early, i have fun much and thank you for coming on xat5, to celebrate with us. The best i wont forget is “Spell Forever”😅. Why 3days? means “i love you” And i’m sorry for those who didn’t recieve the new “Forever” power bcuz it is unexpected give away, it just happen! Thank you sis @DjCrazy. Happy Valentines Day xat5 and xaterian!
  4. Dang girl amazing thumps up🙆‍♀️, Go Go Filipina🇵🇭..Happy Valentines to all single@evry1😘
  5. Hello guys, you can bring your owned date also😅. Thank you sis @DjCrazy for your generous idea.
  6. Dimple

    Xavi Avatar

    I second the motion, here my ss adding more details that @DjCrazy meant. https://prnt.sc/yws0bi - ss https://imgur.com/a/lF9yWmT - url link
  7. Ohh i see you meant BFF and Married should have here at forum too?!
  8. Hi sis, is this for xat forum only or xat chat for pawn? Bcuz u mention the BFF and Married.! Just confused. sorry sis my opinion is, i think it not good or necessary idea to put your personal information place!
  9. Happy bday @Stif wishing u a more blessed to come. And to all bday today!

    1. Stif


      Thank you darling! (blowkiss)

  10. Dimple


    Dear sis @theFlower 😘we need to give them more information so they can easy for them to solve the problem!
  11. Dimple


    @Junior adding info. We try again earlier from another xat user he wont work him also here the images https://imgur.com/a/7V4ZHxe we double check it, if the xavi from the setting is Enabled and Yes is it, And @theFlower she try to clear chache but dont work either.
  12. Dimple


    hi @Junior please help us the xavi issue. Thanks
  13. Sounds good idea @theFlower
  14. Dimple


    @SLOomthis what we meant “The Orange Face”, even thou its say “xavi saved saccessfully” is doesn’t change for them. https://imgur.com/a/Ls7pTLM
  15. Beside Gamebot game, i love that question and answers portion. Thank u for hosting the contest @Pageand @Maxo. Good job! And Cgrats to all winners!
  16. Looks cute idea like a glitters name coloring, good job @DUYGU
  17. My 2nd talent is to make a coffee☺️
  18. Questions and Answer portion, exciting! You can learned more about new xat HTML version! i’ll will be there!
  19. Cute questions, seriously i’m happy that i’m here on xat. That you can learned and developed your personality with other people. You can meet new friends, u can share the idea here in xat forum, u can enjoy in xat chat room with powers or smilley, u can trade and sell and etc. and u can have fun like contest, games on xat chat like snakeban, gamebot etc. And yah, i feel happy on xat.
  20. Dimple


    I confirm yes they don’t work to @theFlower and for @Zaki also, we were on HTML5 chat to try it many times but is not working to them the xavi changes. Even they Save it and Refresh the browser. But for me it’s working.
  21. Hadaka no kokoro by Aimyon My latest favorate.
  22. The famous thing in my home 🇵🇭 is sit and relax in the beach, and eat mango fruits☺️ and the famous thing in my country 🇯🇵 eat fresh fish “Sushi” or “Sashimi” while in onsen😜
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