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  1. Idk this things but i choose "Hufflepuff" nyaaaa!
  2. Hi @Admin im using now ios 1.8.0 version xat application without tesflight i saw kinda wierd smillie here At first i just ignore it,then everytime i want to open smillie sometime it appear that wierd smillie, kinda scary(cry) and ijust wanna know also what is new version of xatCom application without testflight download? Thanks
  3. @Stela welcome here(hug)

    1. Stela


      Thank you! (hug)





  4. Thank you @xZed for info
  5. @choco thank you, Im really happy that you ill see u again and some of your friend here too on xatCom. And thanks to @Giia too(hug)
  6. Hello everyone, there is new update of the judges one added is @Chelly, reason is we have 25 contestants on register for now and we ask for help to @Chelly. And those who interested to join register now still open. Thank you again Judges: @Cupim @Stela @Chelly
  7. Dimple

    Yes or No

    Yes on xat5 Feb14 nyaaa Do have a pen, Do you have an apple?
  8. Dimple

    Yes or No

    Yes, Do youlike lovefx power?
  9. Glad that you made forum account matheus, welcome here and goodluck to the contest(hug)
  10. Can i ask a question pls, my question is in the contest #1, the storytelling contest about within this xat story or reall life story?
  11. @Sydno yah something like that too.But is oky if not allowed i understand, i just asking. Thanks! First of all i would like to say thank you to @Admin that you made Official xat.com/facebook page on facebook. Bcuz its help alot for those users on xat.com, some of friends and Friend of my friend they can easy to connect to them about what happening in xat.com. And all my old friends on xat they are using via face book too. Thank you again.
  12. Is it allowed to posting in facebook.com/xatchats ? like any contest or events of any xat chat group? Just thinking its might be help to encourage people new or old users too.
  13. Omg my mistake again sorry and thank you 🤗 @DontPanic
  14. Hi @SirCharlie thank you for reminder about this, I forgot to put it. Im so sorry "Not Allowed". All contestants should be there on the day of the Contest. --New Update added rules,please read again. Thank you again @SirCharlie
  15. Im excited to see it.. please join to show your talent @DuuL
  16. Xat.com ios apple version 1.6.6 This time im not using TestFlight i found my bugs here And also in Add smillie option here,( its accidentally saw it actually), the "small butterfly" smillie after i click it... ... its appear (fall) smillie, and the main "fall" smillie is different here And this is the original of (fall) smillie itry to do !ls Added more info bugs later.
  17. @Chelly thank you for correction sorry my english is bad. i think is oky now, please read again thanks
  18. Added info: --No Limit Registration --and you can also mail Stela(44554455) from bot to register. Rules for Contest: --Stela will call one by one in main chat xat_test, to show your Valentines Smilley Combination. --1 entry Valentines Smilley Combination only per contestants (No double) --All contestants should be there on day of the Contest. And those already register and you cannot able to come,please let us know before the day of the Contest and message Stela to cancel your register. --And those already register and when Stela called your name and your not there on the day of the Contest is Authomatically Disquaified. Here the example how to combo(combination) smilley or powers using by !test command If you have no date on Valenstine's Day, please come on join us(hug). thank you again! I forgot to say thank you to @Kyle to suggest the tittle of the contest. Thank you so much!
  19. Hello everyone. The chat xat_test (xat5) hosted by Stela and will be hosting a contest on 14th February 2017, 10pm (GMT) - 5pm(EST) time. You can join contest with or without powers. All you have to do is use !test command by bot and make the Valentines Smilley COMBO(Combination). Valentines Smilley or powers related only. All participants need to be registered first to Stela(44554455) or name Honey Mush(same person) You can find her in xat_test (xat5) chat The Best 4 Valentines Smilley COMBO(Combinations) will be rewarded, First prize 10,000 xat Second prize 5,000 xat Third prize 3,000 xat Fourth prize 2,000 xat On behalf of this contest, Hello everyone my xat reg. name is Dimple, allowing me to verified the Prize Holder is Stela(44554455) Judges Stela and @Cupim And with the approval of main owner @Paul, thank you for allowing us to do contest at xat5 chat. Reminders to all contestants Please, make sure you are online to your computer or loptop to show your The Best Valentines Smilley COMBO(Combinations) perfectly. Any question please feel free to ask. Thank you! Goodluck and have fun to all
  20. Dimple

    Suggest Hats

    hi @Junior, permission to suggest the butterfly pawn could be cute pawn or hat specially for girls:) thanks
  21. TestFlight 1.7.1 ios Maybe the xat_test chat have a problem not ios apple, try to reset or update the chat and off the gback for smilley maybe it could be help too to take out the lagg of the chat group. I try to open some chat group chat here are perfect fine Just thought, thank you! Let me explain about xat.com apple crashes with screenshot 1st i try to go enter in the xat_test chat 2nd thing after i in the xat_test chat it take me out it become like this 3rd i try to open again the xat.com apple it become like this. And back again the 2nd thing, Everytime you open xat apple repeadly take u out authomatically and cannot do chat anymore. Only i can do chat again if delete the xat apple and re install it again. But for now while im using apple ios i cant go xat_test chat bcuz its happening again. Only of this chat group is crashes. Thank u again and hope this issue will resolve. Testflight xat ios 1.7.1 1/16/2017 time: 22:10 pm You started the chat elsewhere then after xat apple crashes again @Admin I stop using with TestFlight xat ios 1.7.1 version, i just downloaded xat.com application from apple store. My observation is i dont get any crashes xat application to xat_test (xat5) chat anymore by using xat.com ios 1.6.6 version im using a week now. Thank you
  22. Back again by using new update TestFlight 1.7.1 for iOS i agree to @xPika , what happen to xatest chat? me too i cant enter in the xat_test, is apple crashes. like when you click it and you are there and its authomatic out, and you cant go to another chat or you cant do anything after that happen. Only i can do is delete the xat.com apple and install again and its back to normal but if you try to go xat_test again it happen again, and kinda wierd only xat_test chat but the another chat are doing fine.
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