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  1. Miss u @off 4someday.!

  2. Hello everyone, on behalf of this contest i decided to give left prizes to dj and blacky even thou there photo is littlebit edited, bcuz the winner is 5 needed. Congats to all winners and Happy Easter to everyone. Thank you too @Bryann and @Chelly.
  3. @Paul after you giving the winner prizes please comfirm here before this trend Closed, thanks!
  4. On behalf of this contest, i would like to thanks to all participants and congrats to the 3 winners also. For the Coordinator, thank you so much! @Paul @Fiona @Marek (Marek is alternate judge, who help fiona, because @Camila cant come for important reason) Have a Blessed Easter Day to everyone and God Bless to all.
  5. @DjCrazy thank you for joining, i"ll repost your photo.
  6. @Peeta i repost your entry so your cute Oakley dog can see easy. Thank you for joining, and Happy Easter Day.
  7. shes a 9years old when her parents killed in front of her... i watch this again and nice movie.
  8. Mine is.. "And you can't be strong all the time. Sometimes you just need to be alone and let your tears out..."
  9. Im sorry @Lunala not allowed:( hope u understand thank you.
  10. "Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe" (2015) movie, i watch this and very nice movie. i just wanna share this movie might you like it.
  11. @sweetemj your Cat is adorable and cute. Thank you for joining sis mj.
  12. @Britstar1 Submit here the photo and The prizes are: First Place: 10,000 xat Second PLace: 5,000 xat Third Place: 3,000 xat Fourth Place: 2,000 xat Fifth PLace: 1,000 xat
  13. @LaFleur I will suggest to main owner of xat_test to enable the big (size) on the day of contest only. You can combine one easter smilley like from the power name "Easter" Easter power have 8 smillies: (easter),(basket),(bunny),(bunny2) (chick),(egg2),(eggb),(paintegg) Example you choose (chick) smilley !test chick#burningheart#000001#angel#red
  14. Hello everyone, @Fiona and @Camila New update: 2 added powers Eabunny and Easterland also included that you can also choose or use for one main smilley for "Best Easter Smilley Combo"(Combination). Thank you again
  15. ..and adding info. participants can message me here on forum for registration, thank you!
  16. Hello everyone. The xat_test (xat5) chat, have a contest again for Best Easter Smilley COMBO and I'am hosting a contest on Saturday, April 15 Time Contest Started 9:00 am, Tokyo(GMT+9) time You can join contest with or without powers. All you have to do is use !test command by bot and make the Easter Smilley COMBO(Combination). Rules: 1). You can choose here the main 1(One) Easter Smilley and you can combine it to any smilley. 2). If the participant have EP(Everypower) you can posted your smilley code in main chat directly, you donot need to use !test command by bot. 3). Every participants allowed with using a same Main Easter Smilley (it show above) but must be different combination with another smilley. 4). No limit for registration. And for registration closed until Saturday, April 15, 8am tokyo(GMT+9) time. 5). The Host will call you one by one in main xat_test chat, to show your Easter Smilley Combination. 6). One (1) entry only for per contestants, participant, or register user. 7). The Host will call your name and if your not there on the day of the Contest is authomatically disqualified. All participants need to be registered first to me Dimple(298046068),or you can find me in xat_test (xat5) chat, you can email me through the bot command ( !mail Dimple messages ) For Best Easter Smilley COMBO(Combinations) will be rewarded, First prize 10,000 xat Second prize 3,000 xat Third prize 2,000 xat Prize holder will be @Paul, please verified the prize thank you. Judges: @Camila and @Fiona Reminders to all contestants Please, make sure you are online to your computer or loptop to show your The Best Easter Smilley COMBO perfectly. Any question please dont hesitate to ask. Goodluck and have fun, thank you!
  17. Lets go to the not english movie.. Baahubali: The Beginning (2015) Movie from Egypt country ithink (sorry correction this movie film is from India). and i watch it already with english subtitle with HD features and very cool movie, hope u like it,thanks!
  18. Yes, no edited from any photoshop!
  19. Discover a secret... ...of the Great Wall Movie by Matt Damon This movie is very awesome. I just finish watching now and ilove to watch it again😜
  20. Awesome Movie 2017

    "The Great Wall"

  21. Fix, My mistake sorry thank you @Bryann
  22. Thank you @Angelo @Angelo and also multiple with any pets in one per user photo with the one post only. imean in one photo you can add how many pets you want to make a model.
  23. Hello everyone. Since the holiday is coming up, we wanted to see your favorite pet in the easter theme. They can be licking or snuggling with a person or an animal, or resting their head on a lap. You could dress them up in something Easter themed, or give them a big egg to hold – be as creative as you can. You can post any pets that you have, bunnies, chickens, birds, cats, dogs, or any pet that you own. (Note: This photo is my example edited only so all participants will have the idea) Example Pet Theme Please make sure your Xat ID and Xat username is in it! Example Photo Pet Theme with XAt Username and ID Rules: With your own photo you need to put xat Username and ID with Hand Written. Not allowed edited photoshop photo ONLY POST ON YOUR OWN ACCOUNT TO ENTER ONLY POST ON THIS THREAD ONCE. No any internet (google pictures will not be allowed). DO NOT USE OTHER FORUM ACCOUNTS TO INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING OR YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. The judges in this contest will be @Bryann(Addict) and @Chelly and The prize holder will be @Chelly, please verified the prizes thank you. Deadline for the contest will be on Sunday, April 16 at 5:00PM GMT. Winners will be announced and posted here on Sunday after the contest. The prizes are: First Place: 10,000 xat Second PLace: 5,000 xat Third Place: 3,000 xat Fourth Place: 2,000 xat Fifth PLace: 1,000 xat And I would like to say thank you to @Stela, who made this cute idea Any question please dont hesitate to ask. Have Fun and Goodluck. Thank You
  24. "In your prayer, remember your Father knows what your needs are before you ask him"



    1. Norris


      You're absolutely right!

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