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  1. For 4rth place win is @Blacky prize "Fairy". In the first weekend. Blacky please wait to @Kristjan he will trade to you the fairy power.
  2. @MelodyEpic yah thank you! please be calm to all and i need to fix this first, i admit this is my responsible. Im so sorry for trouble. Please give me time to fix this, specially the admin of this forum, vol, and mod. my apologize.
  3. Hello guys I'm apologize to all, i made i mistake Rules is Rules for this event. I'm apologize to @MelodyEpic bcuz u posted just video only, im so sorry! The winner are: 1rst- @QueenANIME 2nd- @Fiona 3rd- @DjCrazy and thank you to @Phinny, @Fiona, @Lunala for reminding me this Rules. @Fiona please trade to @DjCrazy for her 3rd place prizes that i already give to you(and after please do screenshot and post here) and later i will give to you the 2nd prizes.
  4. Thank you @QueenANIME and congrats! i appreciate that u make ss too bcuz i get lag and the complete is not show to my 2nd ss.
  5. @QueenANIME please put here your 2 account in xat id and username. reminder if you have more xat account to use please put below your answer too, so that the trading is smooth, thank you!
  6. Answer: " Of all the things" Finding you will prove to be the most important one. I would never trade the tears The conversation no one hears. I dont wanna change a thing Breaks the spell or cut the string When every wish i make, i coming true with you.... Sometimes i forget, to say how much i love you. Closed for 3rd weekend winner: 1st place @QueenANIME http://prntscr.com/famdw0 , http://prntscr.com/famejs (this 2nd ss I get lag that's why the Complete is not show) 2nd place @Fiona (http://prntscr.com/facw4q , http://prntscr.com/facxq7) http://prntscr.com/fb3l5f , http://prntscr.com/fb3ln1 3rd place @DjCrazy (https://prnt.sc/fara4m , this ss trading by Fiona and djCrazy) receive and confirm. wait for the next post Lyrics and Prizes on sunday again, thanks!
  7. What is your xat id and username? Thanks!
  8. Note: Be carefull of the song lyrics, the claim of prizes will given until saturday, and please wait for your prizes as soon i can online from the computer. Here the 3rd song. Complete the Lyric's of the song: ______ you will _____ to be ___ most _______ one. I ______ never ______ the ______ The ______ no ___ hears. I _____ wanna change ___ thing _____ the _____ or cut the _____ ____ every ____ i make, ___________ you.... ____________, to say how much i _____ you. ( 3 user only can win for this 3rd weekend) Prizes are: First user correct answer win: --"Nameflag", "flag" Second win: --"fade", "aprincess", "blubunni","classic" Third win: --"beautifly", "birthday", coolz"
  9. Sound interesting! Specially can apply all types of gamebans.
  10. @Bau thank you for ur concern, but the main winner here is for First place thats why its big prizes and the others places winner are just for free gift.
  11. Congrats! Closed for 2nd weekend winner: 1st place @Lunala http://prntscr.com/f7ok6x , http://prntscr.com/f7okhu 2nd place @DjCrazy http://prntscr.com/f7oqgb , http://prntscr.com/f7orou 3rd place @MelodyEpic http://prntscr.com/f7usar , http://prntscr.com/f7usrh 4rth place @Peeta http://prntscr.com/f7p5ku , http://prntscr.com/f7p61m wait for the next post Lyrics and Prizes on sunday again, thanks! sorry @Fiona and @sweetemj betterluck next week and thank you!
  12. Here the 2nd song. Complete the Lyric's of the song: There _____________________ you __________ say.. You __________________ deep inside.... __________________ and need a ______, you ____________ out my name ___ can _____ on me, I will be right here for you... For ________ you've been ______ on __________________ where you couldt let go... Just take my _____ ____ we'll fine a way... Through the _____ and ____ We'll ____ and ___ ________ we will find a way..... (4 user win for this 2nd weekend) Prizes are: First user correct answer win: --"Statuscolor, "Statusglow" Second user correct answer win: --"Blue, "Ebunny","Comics" Third user correct answer win: --"Anime",Ribunny" Fourth user correct answer win: --"Clear"
  13. Happy Mothers Day to all mom:)

  14. I didnt logout and ididnt relogin and after a few weeks the "Edit" is appear. I've been notice when you first login the "Edit" is not showing
  15. hello again 5).You can put or(wright) the complete Answer only or you can put also complete Answer with Video link its fine. Either this both!
  16. Closed for 1st weekend winner: 1st place @Chelly (no ss but she comfirm that she receive the prize) 2nd place @Lunala http://prntscr.com/f5e6hh 3rd place @Fiona http://prntscr.com/f53f0s 4rth place @Kristjan http://prntscr.com/f53gl5 wait for the next post Lyrics and Prizes on sunday again, thanks!
  17. Ithink so @Bau bcuz i did this before in my first contest here for Best Smilley Combo posted by @choco . And @Chelly prizes( Namewave) just recieve already, but i didnt get the ss my lightshot is not working now. Please just comfirm it @Chelly thanks!
  18. I am the holder prize @Bau Apologize ,i mean to say for this trend event only bcuz the prize is power not the xat prize, and bcuz the power prizes is not fix and its depend on me what the prizes next until the end of this event on June 2. thank you @Crow for reminding me.
  19. Looks like we have winner for Namewave grats @Chelly. And for the other 3 winner waiting...... please dont hesitate to join, thanks!
  20. Hello everyone. I like to celebrating bday here. I share my blessing with u of my power that i have. But you need to help me to complete the Lyrics of the song. Information must read: 1). Every end of weekend (Sunday) i will post here a new Song Missing lyrics, 5pm tokyo time.Until June 2, 2017 only. And this Trend will be closed June 3, after i given the last prizes event for the 4rth week. And please vols. allowed me that I'm holding the prizes, thank you! 4).I will post also the prizes every week with song missing lyrics. 5).You can put the complete Answer only or you can put also complete Answer with Video link its fine. 6). The winner every week will be given the power prize every Saturday or Sunday, you can see me online in xat_test and WPY chat. And please pc me or message me here on forum to claim your prize. Rules: -No giving another clue of the song missing lyrics. -Put your xat iD and user name below of your answer. -if No winner, no prize. -the places winner its depend of my post. -the power prizes its depend of my post also. Example Song: _______, from the other side... Must called a thousand times.. To tell you I'm _____ for everything that I've done..... Example Answer: HELLO, from the other side.... Must called a thousand times.. To tell you I'm SORRY for everything that I've done.... User name- Dimple id- 298046068 ------ GOODLUCK------- Here the 1st song. Complete the Lyric's of the song: ___________?what am I without you?, ________to say that i was so wrong..... I want to come back and _____ me _____. _______ from these long, lonely _______. (4 user only can win for this 1st weekend) Prizes are: First user correct answer win: --"Namewave" Second user correct answer win: --"Pink pawn", "Angry",Ballfx" Third user correct answer win: --"Burningheart", glitterfx" Fourth user correct answer win: --"fairy"
  21. hi, i came back just now again to use ios and my ios version 1.8.0 and my Profile page have no "Edit" option. I wanna change something bcuz as u can see below my name Dimple it look like that the smilley code show very long.. .. and as u can see here my smilley code is a perfect fine from "Visitor".
  22. Gifted Movie 2017 The 7 years old girl she is very smart lovely movie
  23. I believe i can't fly...

    i believe i cannot touch the sky...

    1. Bau
    2. Dimple


      Nyaa @Fiona (hehe), thats why i can't xd

      The song say can, for me i cant (hehe)

    3. Fiona



      Dimple (hug)

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  24. Miss u @off 4someday.!

  25. Hello everyone, on behalf of this contest i decided to give left prizes to dj and blacky even thou there photo is littlebit edited, bcuz the winner is 5 needed. Congats to all winners and Happy Easter to everyone. Thank you too @Bryann and @Chelly.
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