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  1. hello everyone anytime you can submit your entry here. GOODLUCK GUYS! The instructions of this contest you can read the top of the menu (Overview) CLICK the “Win RUBY! Make an animated xat’s smilie GIF” or see below link posted by @Lemona. Note: You don’t need to be a programer or pro. to to make xat smilie animated gif, this is easy! I already posted this link on my instructions, again this might be help you. Be advice this link can work by using any personal computer or laptop, bcuz this won’t work by the any mobile or phone browser. #Check here your favorate xat smi
  2. Hello every1 good day, about the contest of WPY Club i have thinking is more fun if the wpy club must be open club so that others can be join automaticaly, and I JUST WAITING to APPROVED the xat ADMIN FORUM or if its cannot be open the wpy club, the participant are limited to join by clicking the botton JOIN CLUB. Confirm prize holder is @LaFleur i already give to him the prizes. Prize: 1st(RUBY),2nd place(2000xat), 3rd place(1000xat). The contest is about:(Related xat smilie, it will know when it is already post), Judges: (Secret again(sry))

    1. DJFUNNY


      Hello, you can start a new topic in contest section..  



      sometimes when you posted in your status, no one see it, so its better in the section I mentioned above. 

    2. Dimple


      Ohh hi there @DJFUNNY, yah i know there is Event and Contest section, but i like to do it in the CLUB section this time. I think there r possible option

      #1  if i posted in contest and event the  flow of the contest, and  BUT the contest will be do it in the CLUB section, name WPY club. 

      #2 if xat admin forum allowing it that is great for us. 

      Good day and thank you! 

  3. Secret just kidding pls. wait until i post the introduction.
  4. Dream to have a (Ruby) power!?

    This is your chance to win a contest Soon in 

    https://forum.xat.com/clubs/ name WPY just click the botton Join Club. Everyone is welcome even the volunteers can. Let’s have fun while we are in home quarantine! 
    Keep safe, and stay in xat(blowkiss)

    Contest about: (related in xat smilie)

    Judges: (Secret, but later will be announce!)

    1. DUYGU


      This is great, thank you for informing us

  5. Hi @duygu all who Joined here wpy club can participate no worries😘
  6. Let’s Rock and roll in WPY Club Hey guys im planing to do it here the contest soon! If you have a friends who willing to participate the contest they have time to Join here while is not posted yet! If the contest started and they want to ask to join im so sorry they cannot join the contest here! Thank you. Clue: Prize (Ruby) Contest what is about!? (Related xat Smillie) Judges: (Secret....)
  7. Hi @DUYGU nice idea we will talk this later after my contest. i have a contest it is confirm keep and touch soon will be posted. The prize is RUBY
  8. Con... watching a dracula untold (2014) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thanks for the sharing im gonna watch this looks good.
  9. Happy Mother’s Day to all mom😘

    1. Mucahit


      Happy Mother’s Day to all mom


  10. Happy Birthday @Lemona. Wishing you a good health, more bday to come and stay beauty inside and out. 

    1. Lemona


      Thanks Dimple! Hope all is well! =) 

  11. Happy Bday iGrey

  12. Happy Birthday, wishing you a good health and more bday to come. And more chiks to come. God Bless @Maverick

    1. Maverick




      Thank you very much. 

    2. Dimple


      Even i don’t have a present for u. Thank God i make your smille☺️. Have fun your day!

  13. Hello everyone, first of all thank you for accepting my invitation. We all know that the pandemic deadly virus is spreading to all Nation. And we don’t know “When” is gonna stop. The Spirit of Praying, Faith, Love, Forgiveness that i believe who can save our Land. While we in self quarantine at home, please help me to PRAY; Praying to heal the infected people Praying to all Dr. and Nurses and Scientist the protection for then to fight back the covid19. Praying to all Leaders in each country Praying that hope there are offiacially medicine or any vaccin
  14. Can i ask how long can i wait to approved my WPYian Club? Anyone? Thanks

    1. Angelo


      Done! Sorry for the delay!

  15. By Adele, i saw it in youtub while listening workship song, this man his so good nice cover by John Saga hope u like it just share.
  16. Hello @Maverick @Admin hopefully can fix the xavi too like can edit or etc, i cant see my lovely xavi thanks have a good day!
  17. Hello Forum friends is nice to back here again, it’s been years i think. Keep safe everyone, stay home and forum and xat👈

    1. Dimple


      Thanks for wb skatel, is nice to see u again

    2. Temo


      Welcome again  :p

    3. Dimple


      Thanks Temo

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  18. Hello 2019 Happy Valentine’s😘

    Happy Valentine’s Day @zed❣️❣️❣️

    💋💋And to all my friends in xat💋💋💋

  20. @Stif happy Birthday to you!

    Wish you a good health and more blessing to come. And stay as a humble person you are please😘

    1. Stif


      Thank you Dimp! I'll be :$ (blowkiss)

  21. Love u too my friend☺️ I banish 4ever @zed and all my cute friends xaterian😅
  22. Dear my friend @zed(blowkiss)


    Happy Birthday to you

    Stay humble, nice person, and friendly.

    No matter what... im just here

    Always take care of yourself where ever you go.

    Hope your dream will come true, and wishing you a good health, and to finish your study (Gambate ne). 



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