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  1. Dear my friend @zed(blowkiss)


    Happy Birthday to you

    Stay humble, nice person, and friendly.

    No matter what... im just here

    Always take care of yourself where ever you go.

    Hope your dream will come true, and wishing you a good health, and to finish your study (Gambate ne). 



  2. I would like to say thank u @Cupim for making a pizza on my bday😘😘😘. Is a good timing btw. And thank u for the greating guys, im so really appreciated for reall, God bless you all always.

    1. Bau


      That's nice. (cute)

    2. Bau


      Ops, happy birthday :$

  3. Thank you for making PizzZa😘 


  4. xat Version 1.10.3 apple apps when i come to help chat all white bg!?
  5. “I can’t make you love me, if u don’t;) zzzZz very soft voice
  6. IceCream please..(sry)

  7. Happy mothers day to all mom of there:$

  8. Thank u for more adding smilie here love it😘

  9. Rampage Movie “Little bit funny and nice movie”
  10. Square...

  11. if i cant sleep i do listen this song, so calm and relaxing.
  12. “Sometimes you never know how STRONG you are, until being Strong is only choice you have.”

  13. Hi @kyle1985 welcome in xat forum, enjoy here.
  14. No worry @Addict the developer of xat mobile they do thier best to fix all the Bugs, and if you seen anything bug dont hesitate to report it too:)
  15. Add and join and check the contest of

    xat.com ltd. < official fb xat page!


  16. yes @LaFleur the xat.com apps is updating to my apps store, thank you! and God Bless xatCom. The very cute thing is for new ios is the (background)screen is very clean and clear:)
  17. 34qskgl.jpg

    im so happy cuz firstime i saw the xat.com apps is updating to my apps store:$

    thank you xatCom.

  18. I can’t sleep zzzZ

  19. From Philippines by KZ Tandingan Say Something........please! I’m sorry..I’m sorry...
  20. Sloom have a point, the “illusion” smiley is cute, but more cutier if people can fully enjoy on it w/o “clear” power! Thanks.
  21. This was cool @Erick, ilove it too! Nice suggestion. The xample features so nice too.
  22. Happy Heart Day every1, Enjoy and have a blessing day!

    @zed bozz for u Happy Valentines Day.

  23. Congrats @Crow 

    1. Crow


      Thank you very much, Dimple! (hug) Come find me if you need help.

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