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  1. yah choco long time ago and I couldn't touch that hedgehog cuz so scared and I just left inside my parents house and we don't know what happen we couldn't find it cuz its small pets
  2. Dimple


    yaheyy go 6 (pty)..
  3. Permission to re post the your suggestion power link Minerva here iLove sushi food. Would be better if you put combination like this Minerva Nice idea Minerva. Kawaii ne
  4. CHoco I have this pet b4, same Abraham suggesting.
  5. awesome interesting and very cutie. iLove it nice idea Abraham
  6. Part of my friend choco she didnt know it. Choco and Isa very cute idea. Well done
  7. Nice idea choco and Isa...
  8. yaheyy thank u Juni . I'm excited.
  9. put dimple @marshmallow choco hehehe. I love it cutie and unique. Nice idea choco for me I rate 5star. crow I bring Nutella for u for this marshmallow
  10. I would like to thanks to all 18 participants, Thank you so much! Here the winners 3/19/2016 for Best COMBO Smilie. Congrats! 1st prize (Namegrad or 10k xat cost) xatters winner is GBlitz 2nd prize (3k xat) xatters winner is Jhon 3rd prize (2k xat) xatters winner is Amy
  11. Thank you much choco I'm so appreciated. Yah guys lets share our Best COMBO (Combination) Smiley. Goodluck to all participants. Thanks. TheJudges is Choco or Gabbie thank u so much choco
  12. Birthday bcuz its my important day of my life. Money or Happiness?
  13. cleon thank u for the japan flag smiley. i4got the Philippines flag too plzz cute and unique. well done cleon. my rate is 5 star.
  14. ilove it cleon nice idea, plzz don't 4get my japan flag hehehe
  15. Woodlawn Movie Inspiring Football Movie. a film based on an inspiring real-life story about love and unity in a school. Because theres is a ONE WAY!
  16. Pizza Answer or Reason?
  17. Dimple

    Zikazero Power

    Interesting. Cute and nice idea Chet. I Love it for pawn and the smiley.
  18. It make sense to me why not combination with xavi stuff accessories and smiley? But the things is: Smiley is Smiley Xavi is a Xavi
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