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  1. Actually i just saw the images in google sorry im not intention that it will be copyright. I just wanna show how it look like the game is.
  2. should i change name like Tetrisrace so it cant be fully Copyright? What do you think of Snakerace? @Ryan Snake game came out from Nokia game
  3. Thank u @SlOom and @Flake >> its just came to my mine and i started to editing and idk why hehe
  4. how about you @choco you play it too? xd
  5. thanks Mino and choco, I'm a GAMEBOT fans.
  6. Hello everyone, I have suggestion is not Smiley but is a group power from GAMEBOT. For more interesting and fun from Gamebot I suggest name Tetris or Tetrisrace Game Type Optional ( Race and Individual) i hope you like it. Thanks. http://i.imgur.com/nlGQgIa.png << Here the link if you cant see it clearly
  7. Dimple

    Seal Power

    choco can u add more images plzz thank u (kiss) http://i.imgur.com/6f2S78z.gifv <<< this is cute
  8. Dimple

    Seal Power

    Waww @choco cute baby SEAL. ilove it . well done choco
  9. Dimple

    LoveSick Power

    6 chet cannot understand well in English his from Brazilian. But his talented person.
  10. Dimple

    LoveSick Power

    Chet why you called it Lovesick?
  11. Dimple

    LoveSick Power

    nice idea chet and the concept is very clear. well done.
  12. Happy Easter Day everyone
  13. @Daseot with ur username and id should be show too. Click ur name and with ur drawing.
  14. it make sense of me. On/Off all your power just one click button why not. Nice idea Blueman2008.
  15. wait I will JOin too Harrison. @choco wait me I will do my best hehe here my entry (xd#ono)
  16. Dimple

    Hedgehog Power

    yah choco long time ago and I couldn't touch that hedgehog cuz so scared and I just left inside my parents house and we don't know what happen we couldn't find it cuz its small pets
  17. Dimple


    yaheyy go 6 (pty)..
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