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  1. wooww i love that hat @ALEX, you guys with Rob good team work thou! Great job. Great talents guys!
  2. Happy Mothers Day! to all mom out there.

    happy mothers day GIF

    1. DjCrazy


      Happyย  Mothers Day sis!(blowkiss)

  3. Dear xaterianโ€™s, the contest are finish! First of all i want to say thank you so much for our Host @DjCrazy, @ALEX(for cute bg), Participantโ€™s, Judges, @Maverick @Paul(Prize holder)event if ur busy thank you the support and allowing us), and our audience ofcourse. And the admin of the forum. โ€ขThe winner result will be posted here, please wait for a while. โ€ขThe name that i mention here those are not online on final events or not show up again for there 2nd call, sad to say but they are disqualified Fiona (81926573) Passionefy (995326645) Ferimah (159
  4. I want to recorrect bcuz while we doing the final the โ€ขiiXDanny98 (585651094) has been already submit his username/ID on April 24 and April 13, he did submit/comment 3times, and 36-2 contestants total all is 34contestants only. I just double check the previous comment! Im apology for this happen, thank you!
  5. Hello guys and contestantโ€™s, those 2contestantโ€™s here that i mention are 1day late to submit for there xat username/ID, โ€ขiiiYaguito (1531497660) โ€ขiiXDanny98 (585651094) although the last submission was April 30, 2021. Me and @DjCrazy talk and decide as a coordinator of this contest we are given those 2 contestants chances, as a given same chance also for people who have celebration for there ramadan. other reason, conflict, etc we donnot accept anymore thank you and 36 contestants will see you later on xat5 (xat_test) chat. Goodluck!
  6. Reminds all participantโ€™s on May 3, 2021 to show there Best Xavi on xat5 (xat_test) chat, must be on time please! Japan Time: 11:30pm (23:00pm) (GMT+9) โญ•๏ธwho have submitted ramadan time schedule list on May3 showing there Best Xavi, @DjCrazy- will do host @Dimple will do screenshot โ€ขthefLowery (1531162882) -1rst call time 7pm -2nd call time (23:45pm)11:45pm-12:00am โ€ขLidacry (581767823) -22:30pm โ€ขLiLiLianax (1523633872) -21:30pm(9:30pm) โ€ขEfsuneL (187789429) -22:30pm
  7. New Update! Announcement contestantโ€™s, very important matters, the claim prize for the winnerโ€™s is 4-5 days only, started after we post the winners result here. Thank you!
  8. Good job alex and robFerrari keep it up for the teamwork. I love it, try to put some hats for the the ladies lex. And some hair style.
  9. Wazzap xaterianโ€™s,ย Prizes Added for Best Xavi Contest, goodluck!


  10. โ€ขAnnouncement for contestantโ€™s those who celebrate there ramadan please let us know, so you can call first and we need to re-arrange the list names for final date on May 3. PC at chat xat_test or Message here at forum to @DjCrazyor me. Just send your username/ID reg. same that you submit here. thank you
  11. HBD paul wishing u more wishes to come

    Happy Birthday Dancing GIF by Just  Dance


  12. Wazzap xaterianโ€™s, i donate 4,000 xat to @Erick, go go goodluck!
  13. I would like to say also thank u to Mota, who added 2k for this contest, thank you so much @DjCrazy for the efforts as a host, u did a great job. Thank you judges, and paul. Again happy easter everyone. Congrats to all winners!
  14. The contest is already finish to show you Best Easter Smilie Combination in xat_test chat, for the winners result please standby we will post here as soon the judges submit there scores/point each. Thank you!
  15. Paging for contestant of Best Easter Smillie Combination at xat_test chat more hours left to go, go goย xaterianโ€™s goodluck! Happy Easter evry1

    Happy Easter Sunday GIF by Lisa Vertudaches

    1. DjCrazy


      Keep calm and good luck everyone!

    2. ALEX


      good luck everyone!!

    3. Liana
  16. โ€ขAny questionโ€™s feel Free to ask by message here, !mail bot, xat PC, and you contact us xat_test chat. Thank you and goodluck xaterianโ€™s โ€ขReminds all contestantโ€™s please be on time and double check the time/date, and if you have any questionโ€™s donโ€™t hesitate to ask, please, thank you!
  17. Happy Birthday GIF by Mumbai Indians
    HBD sapp, wishing u happy for life

    1. SapphireOfficial


      Tvm dimple Huggggg you!(blowkiss)

  18. NEW UPDATE: Extra Events: by !randomusers sellecting Free give away 5days, every 5minutes(200days Limited) Prize holder/Host: djCrazy Bonus Events: Final Battle Round for combination smilieโ€™s Prize holder/Prize: Me/ 1unit (statusfx) Host: Me Guidelines: โ€ขAll contestants on register list are participants for Final Battle. โ€ขIโ€™ll be given 1 smilie can be used on the day after contest. โ€ขYou have 1 hour only to practice. โ€ขThen host will start. Any questionโ€™s message me or you can see me at xat_test chat, thanks!
  19. Dear xaterianโ€™s, new update Prize Up!

    โ€Best Easter Combination Smiliesโ€.
    go go go


    โ€ขCelebrate with usย the easter ย on April4.


    Extra Events: by !randomusers sellecting Free give away 5days, every 5minutes.


    Bonusย Events: Final Battle Round for combination smilieโ€™s

    Prize holder/Prize: 1unit (statusfx)

    Host: Me



    โ€ขAll contestants on register list are participants for Final Battle.

    โ€ขIโ€™ll be given 1ย smilie can be usedย on the day after contest.

    โ€ขYou have 1 hourย only to practice.ย 

    โ€ขThen host will start.


    Clickย below๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡


    1. Deff


      Waow! I'm looking forward(hug)

  20. wazzap xaterianโ€™s โ€œThe Best Easter Combination Smilieโ€,ย prizes added UP!ย 
    and We apologies,ย the time was changed, please double,ย thank you!



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