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  1. Dr @ider wishing you a good life and more bdy to come brother!Happy Birthday GIF by Jonah Ainslie

    1. ider


      Thank you sis Dimp. (hug) 

  2. From the 🇵🇭😘 ”Say Something”
  3. Dimple

    Xavi Avatar

    Hello again, i’m trying to figure out what is wrong for xavi, adding info: •I just try to both different windows like 8-10, it’s working to me •i just try to different browser like Edge, it’s working to me. I used google chrome its working to me too. •i ask someone to Clear cache it is not working for them either. Suggestion I hope you can try it on people who do not work the xavi. hope this can help, thanks
  4. can  you guess what is the sweetest and cutest thing in the world ????






     its you(blowkiss)Chocolate Choco GIF by Ritter Sport

    1. Dimple


      lmao sis

    2. theFlower


      haahaha  i love u sis 

  5. The Pilipina🇵🇭 Gorgeous Singer Performance “Bella Santiago” Rolling in the deep, the X Factor Romania grand winner(pty). Thumps up🙌
  6. Even no picture with @Maverickand @Tom2, and 42, and some smilie maker and developer of the xat. Happy Valentines Day! Thank you for creating the xat,com.
  7. This was taken early, i have fun much and thank you for coming on xat5, to celebrate with us. The best i wont forget is “Spell Forever”😅. Why 3days? means “i love you” And i’m sorry for those who didn’t recieve the new “Forever” power bcuz it is unexpected give away, it just happen! Thank you sis @DjCrazy. Happy Valentines Day xat5 and xaterian!
  8. Dang girl amazing thumps up🙆‍♀️, Go Go Filipina🇵🇭..Happy Valentines to all single@evry1😘
  9. Hello guys, you can bring your owned date also😅. Thank you sis @DjCrazy for your generous idea.
  10. Dimple

    Xavi Avatar

    I second the motion, here my ss adding more details that @DjCrazy meant. https://prnt.sc/yws0bi - ss https://imgur.com/a/lF9yWmT - url link
  11. Ohh i see you meant BFF and Married should have here at forum too?!
  12. Hi sis, is this for xat forum only or xat chat for pawn? Bcuz u mention the BFF and Married.! Just confused. sorry sis my opinion is, i think it not good or necessary idea to put your personal information place!
  13. Happy bday @Stif wishing u a more blessed to come. And to all bday today!

    1. Stif


      Thank you darling! (blowkiss)

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