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Status Updates posted by Dimple

  1. Happy happy birthday sister🥳, stay strong,safe and healthy, love you always as my friend on xat_test!.

    Happy Birthday GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals

    1. DjCrazy


      Thank you for your lovely words my dear. Love you, too.(blowkiss)

  2. Happy Mothers Day! to all mom out there.

    happy mothers day GIF

    1. DjCrazy


      Happy  Mothers Day sis!(blowkiss)

  3. Wazzap xaterian’s, Prizes Added for Best Xavi Contest, goodluck!


  4. HBD paul wishing u more wishes to come

    Happy Birthday Dancing GIF by Just  Dance


  5. Paging for contestant of Best Easter Smillie Combination at xat_test chat more hours left to go, go go xaterian’s goodluck! Happy Easter evry1

    Happy Easter Sunday GIF by Lisa Vertudaches

    1. DjCrazy


      Keep calm and good luck everyone!

    2. ALEX


      good luck everyone!!

    3. Liana
  6. Happy Birthday GIF by Mumbai Indians
    HBD sapp, wishing u happy for life

    1. SapphireOfficial


      Tvm dimple Huggggg you!(blowkiss)

  7. Dear xaterian’s, new update Prize Up!

    ”Best Easter Combination Smilies”.
    go go go


    •Celebrate with us the easter  on April4.


    Extra Events: by !randomusers sellecting Free give away 5days, every 5minutes.


    Bonus Events: Final Battle Round for combination smilie’s

    Prize holder/Prize: 1unit (statusfx)

    Host: Me



    •All contestants on register list are participants for Final Battle.

    •I’ll be given 1 smilie can be used on the day after contest.

    •You have 1 hour only to practice. 

    •Then host will start.


    Click below👇👇👇


    1. Deff


      Waow! I'm looking forward(hug)

  8. wazzap xaterian’s “The Best Easter Combination Smilie”, prizes added UP! 
    and We apologies, the time was changed, please double, thank you!



  9. check the new Stuff xat HTML (v1.54)  , it’s really nice. thumps UP!

  10. Wazzup! added +1000xats for 1st place in total 10,000 xats. Wake up xaterian more days to go! Best Help BG

    1. Lemona


      Thanks Dimple for being so generous!💙💙💙


      LET’S GO PEOPLE!!!


  11. Hello xaterian’s check your Xavi i think is fix now. Thanks!  @CH3RRY, @zaki

    1. Cherry


      It's already working(goo)Ty @Dimple(hug)

    2. ----
  12. Watzzup xaterian’s added Prize UP! gogo.. Best Easter Combination Smilie


  13. Dimple

    Bau HBD, wishing u good health and more bday to come bro!

    happy birthday go shawty GIF

    1. Bau


      Thank you Dimple (hug) 

  14. Hi xaterian’s wazzap! “Best Smilie Combination 2021” at xat5 chat,

    with or without Powers! Go go Chance to win more xats.


  15. Prize UP again,  “Contest and Event”, best help chat bg. Thank you @theFlower donation! 

  16. Prize UP again, go go xaterian’s wake up! “Contest and Event”for Best help chat bg 


  17. “Contest and Event” for best BG Help Chat prize UP! Gooduck xaterian’s

  18. Dr @ider wishing you a good life and more bdy to come brother!Happy Birthday GIF by Jonah Ainslie

    1. ider


      Thank you sis Dimp. (hug) 

  19. Happy bday @Stif wishing u a more blessed to come. And to all bday today!

    1. Stif


      Thank you darling! (blowkiss)

  20. @Eleven happy birthday!Excited Happy Birthday GIF

    1. Eleven


      Thank you Dim!! 

  21. Happy Birthday @Nathan

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Solange


      Happy Birthday Nathan!! 🎂🎉

    3. DUYGU


      Happy birthday Nathan  (hug) 

    4. Nathan


      Thanks everyone!!!!

      I didn’t realize I had status updates off on my profile D: 


      You guys are all the best (hug)

  22. Happy birthday @DjCrazy wishing you a good health and blessed for u and ur family!


    happy bday to u too @Booh 


    happy birthday GIF by Leannimator

    1. Justo


      @Dimple gm how are you ty 8-) (hug)

  23. happy bday exin  wishing u a good health and blessing to come! have fun for ur special day!

    1. Exin


      Thank you very much

  24. RE-UPDATE! For those who r confuse click here, any more question don’t hesitate to ask just “Message” please! 

    The descriptions and example xat smilie animated gif about the contest click here 


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