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  1. @Zed why ur bunny looks so scared? 😅 Ohh its One week left, goodluck to all💋
  2. mn2AsZK.jpg

    closed your eyes and make 1 wish and blow the candle for your special day @Zed!!!






    1. Dimplez


      "Cheesecake Nutella Oreo"

      hope you like it, and actually i thank too @Fiona bcuz she ask this kind of cake, thank you💋

    2. Fiona


      @Zed Happy Birthday!  I hope yoy have a great day! 



      @Dimplez omg that cake looks delicious! I want a piece please.

    3. Zed


      really i loved it thank you very much for the cake :p sure it have a good taste bec u made it

      thx you very much dim <3 <3 <3 


      thx you very much fiona 

  3. Almost done...for the celebrant birthday  today,

    No bake Cheesecake Nutella Oreo😘

    1. Elie


      Had me at cheesecake

  4. Where are you from?

    Im from this those color green and yellow map😜
  5. @Ronal hola, if no choosen your name the judges will give you smilley, intiende? Just please wait, thanks!
  6. Best Pokémon-Themed Doodle

    Hello everyone today is July 31, The Last day of this contest. Those have no second entry yet submit now, thanks and goodluck again!
  7. Yes @Jorr please wait, thanks!

    iLove combination smillie😘 Please accept my (Gold) power added for your prizes. 💋
  9. Best Pokémon-Themed Doodle

    Hi @Jorr can i ask you something, what do you mean by this, the Link3?
  10. What movie you watching now?

    The power ranger animation, become the Power Ranger Movie😘 Cool just finish watch it😎
  11. tumblr_o2idvjQSIR1rxe3yto1_500.jpg 

    - With or without a crown, you're a queen, oop's <3

    1. Zed


       i ate big sandwich and now i fee pregnant lol

    2. ANGY


      Lol, you will have to have an abortion (toj) 

    3. Dimplez


      Wait bozz i will call a ambulance..😅


      Angy thank u 😘, 

  12. Miss @ANGY here not chosen yet, you can choose one of here. @Camila @Fori @Chelly @Brandy @Caffeine @iGREY @five @SuccubusKatie @Shai @MInfinityMusicB
  13. What movie you watching now?

    Lets go from the Thailand Movie:)😜 The Ong bak There is a part1,2,3 of this movie and even i dont understand the language its really cool and amazing, ijust watch it already, hope you like it😘
  14. @muffins added one of the judge, thank you!