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  1. Hi @Jorr can i ask you something, what do you mean by this, the Link3?
  2. The power ranger animation, become the Power Ranger Movie😘 Cool just finish watch it😎
  3. tumblr_o2idvjQSIR1rxe3yto1_500.jpg 

    - With or without a crown, you're a queen, oop's <3

    1. Zed


       i ate big sandwich and now i fee pregnant lol

    2. ANGY


      Lol, you will have to have an abortion (toj) 

    3. Dimplez


      Wait bozz i will call a ambulance..😅


      Angy thank u 😘, 

  4. Miss @ANGY here not chosen yet, you can choose one of here. @Camila @Fori @Chelly @Brandy @Caffeine @iGREY @iStrongerWtf @SuccubusKatie @Shai @MInfinityMusicB
  5. Lets go from the Thailand Movie:)😜 The Ong bak There is a part1,2,3 of this movie and even i dont understand the language its really cool and amazing, ijust watch it already, hope you like it😘
  6. @muffins added one of the judge, thank you!
  7. @MInfinityMusicB you can choose too. Please check the information above, thanks!
  8. hi, reminders for the new coming participants please dont forget the full doodle/chat preview too. thank you so much!
  9. If no one choosen your name Judges will decide to give the 2 smillie power for you.
  10. You need to choose too @ANGY (redface)
  11. @Paya hi, i just made this. And by this weekend i will add more mention names.
  12. For another topic @LaFleur, after this pokemon doodle finish.
  13. Nop rhea i already posted those you will choosen will be go to the next trend event(cry)
  14. Yes, and no same person that already choosen pls thanks
  15. You will choose of any participant here from they pokemon drawing and u will pick xat smilley that u want to draw for him/she like you choose is "Me" then you give a smilley that u want me to draw to doodle for next event trend, like "ebunny" < then i will draw this from doodle for next trend event.