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  1. welcome back Jacky Chan the movie said "Never Push a Good Man" great movie hope u like it.
  2. Hi does anyone knows how to contact Jadiction, thanks! 

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    2. dimplef


      My friend wrong send 45k xats to the fexbots, instead to transfer on me.

    3. dimplef


      @SlOom. @Bau, its fix now jad came and the 45k xats he getback to my friend. Thank you so much fexbots

    4. SlOom


      Ok good for your friend. 

  3. Grats manager @Stif
  4. @Phin dont cry, 11 is eleven
  5. Hahahaha and hi phin
  6. Hi, imiss u @choco
  7. i should call ghostbuster, and nice new by the way
  8. nice ava lol 

    1. dimplef


      yw my designer. 999!

  9. iwill keep this memories of here and thank u @6

    1. 6


      Thank you ate and Godbless you always!!!


  10. @6 50,000xat prizefund added for you events. Please continue all about xatCom, amazing topic.
  11. Unforgettable Movie action, drama, suspense and etc. nice movie..
  12. Answer: Applications _U_T_i_O_N @Bau can i wright like this? Bcuz i cant copy the box thing from mobile:(
  13. Happy Father day to all daddy in the universe:)

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    2. Eleven


      Thank you :$

    3. Zed


      thx dim <3

    4. dimplef


      Yw to all dad(hehe)


  14. Hey dimple thank you very much for the prizes that you have given to @6 the contest is being very much thanks to you<3

  15. I got this hehehe Matchrace heart switch snakerace zwhack doodlerace darts and spaceship..