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  1. Xat app for Windows phone?

    TBH for me looks more good idea, if im not mistaken i just remember of this Window Phone its work before.
  2. my idol again filipino blood Miss Nicole zzzzz so hot music
  3. hello dimple(hug)

    1. Dimple


      Hi zaki again (sry)

  4. Hello “Secret Love Song” She is one of my favorate filipino singer, i love her voice, the way her singing style is awesome and and very performer, and with similarity of Mariah Carey voice.
  5. Happy Birth Day xatC0m

  6. @Fiona



    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Fiona


      No! :$

      Try again haha

      34,562 -  (100x500)

    3. Dimple


      Ohh yah i knew it not 400 just only 100 cuz that power is only one.

      but im confuse cuz look the patern of 3rd part


      100 - (34,562x500)


      but anyway have sense cuz if you multiply to (34,562x500) dang the frog too much expensive hahahaha

    4. Fiona
  7. hello dimple (hug)

  8. e84kqDc.jpg


    1. Fiona


      the the (hehe) 


    2. Dimple


      How about instead 0-9? @Fiona

    3. Fiona


      0 to 10 :$

      10 is a nice number too (toj)


  9. New independence pawns

    Hi do you have flag pawn philippine and japan? Can i request on that 2 country pls, thank you!
  10. Thank you forum my name is back to normal.

  11. @Zed why ur bunny looks so scared? 😅 Ohh its One week left, goodluck to all💋
  12. mn2AsZK.jpg

    closed your eyes and make 1 wish and blow the candle for your special day @Zed!!!






    1. Dimple


      "Cheesecake Nutella Oreo"

      hope you like it, and actually i thank too @Fiona bcuz she ask this kind of cake, thank you💋

    2. Fiona


      @Zed Happy Birthday!  I hope yoy have a great day! 



      @Dimplez omg that cake looks delicious! I want a piece please.

    3. zed


      really i loved it thank you very much for the cake :p sure it have a good taste bec u made it

      thx you very much dim <3 <3 <3 


      thx you very much fiona 

  13. Almost done...for the celebrant birthday  today,

    No bake Cheesecake Nutella Oreo😘

    1. Elie


      Had me at cheesecake

  14. Where are you from?

    Im from this those color green and yellow map😜