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  1. Not only you, its also people against Mike. I did not even know you were main.
  2. Honestly, the only problem is people who want the chat changed hands are people with something against the current main, it happened the same with me when i ran the chat and it seems to be the same people again. The whole thread seems rather silly to me. I also find it rather stupid to ask if Social needs to be removed as an official or a new main needs to be made. Changing either of those wont fix your current "issues".
  3. Social has had its ups and downs i agree, its a difficult chat to run and take care of due to the vast amount of people who use it, its a chat that allows users (if they behave) that might be banned at other officials. Social gives chances and can be quite the fun chat when done correctly, however i do not believe you care for the chat @Dallas due to past complications.
  4. Life

    I'm Sorry

    Oh i'm sorry but what a joke. Everyone do me a favor, grab a plate take it out side and then drop it. It breaks yes? Now say sorry to it. Did it fix the plate? No. Simple stuff, you think this justifies what you have done? Do you think sorry will fix what has been done and take away the pain you have caused? No. Think of your actions before you do something. We are all one race and you seem to think you are above the rest. Karma will deal to you in time.
  5. Life

    430 RUBY

    Rumour is and not sure if its been noticed but having it puts you within the mods list even when member
  6. So whats the meaning behind 6900 and 690690 then?
  7. Id marry Life, i heard he was a good looking vol.
  8. Hope everyone enjoys my new title @Maverick

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    2. Vale


      Pretty sure we are not happy to lose one of our Team and you've been a great helper, tx =)

    3. Christina


      Congrats! I know that it was a hard decision for you.  I am proud of how you stuck too your beliefs.  <3


    4. Mihay
  9. Looking for new bff,  application's are a must. Ty

  10. I thought i was in a nightmare reading this, glad it was just a massive joke.
  11. Life


    From what i gather this is roughly a system they would use as it would be slightly harder in regards because previous owners etc. This could be exactly that.
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