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    I think this has potential but I'm still not feeling the blueberry cookie being entirely blue, and how big are these? They seem like they'd be pretty big on the xat chats or maybe just like the punching bag/can smileys sizes?
  2. I came from SWBF2_The_Abyss, it was a chat for a game I used to play and they had it on their forums. This was back in like 2010 or somewhere around there.
  3. To be a xat volunteer, obviously. On a serious note: something to do with computers (web developer, software engineer, etc.)
  4. To be honest it's not that great (don't get me started on their terrible servers). I played it for one day and haven't touched it since. It's great if you happen to be traveling but I don't see much use in it aside from that. It also seems to be causing problems in the real world, people almost getting hurt, etc. It's really not that addicting and I don't see the appeal to it.
  5. Alecks

    Yes or No

    Yes, idk who wouldn't have every done at least one of these to a song. Do you like spicy food?
  6. You can feed off of my fear.
  7. Some notes: Fireworks is already a default smiley (subscribers only?) American Flag could just be used with the Flag power. Independence and Fourth are already powers to celebrate The Fourth of July. Would this just be a smiley power, or maybe something more "useful"?
  8. Well the way I figured they would implement it would be like this: Now obviously they wouldn't do this, due to many reasons I shouldn't have to name. But we do know that if they did, it would likely be it's own power.
  9. Hmm, while I see how it could have good potential to be a good addition to flag, I agree that the way you displayed it doesn't look aesthetic and it could also pose issues with being able to actually differentiate the flags from others as they'd be so small. My only guess to make it easily visible and aesthetic is something I'm sure would not be added. (Which would be to just make the flag be the pawn, which if they did that would likely be a whole new power itself. (FlagPawn) plsxat)
  10. Wow, thanks, Jake! Now I can more easily formulate my plan to win this contest. I'll be guessing soon based off of this info ;‭).
  11. Alecks


    Have you ever been SlotBanned....?
  12. I just personally don't understand why this was ever implemented. Like, what benefit does it pose other than saving volunteer's time? You go to support to get support, it shouldn't matter who you are or why you made the ticket (unless you are trolling, obviously.) I'm not going to reiterate what everyone else has already said because I've already seen the same statement roughly ~4 times already, but in all honesty, this is quite selfish and I don't see why it was a thing (ever.) Are tickets really that impacted that some people have to be ignored or their ticket thrown away to save time for volunteers? If you join the volunteer team on xat, you should be ready and expecting to volunteer your time to help others on xat. Recently many new volunteers have been added to the team, which I would assume it help alleviate ticket times. If the tickets are really so heavy that volunteers can't handle it, what other ways could you help to get either tickets solved faster and/or save the time of current volunteers? You could add more volunteers, you could release any volunteers not doing their part (if any) and replace them with people deemed worthy (which I doubt you would have any issue finding people who would want to be volunteer), you could I'm not the most active person @ Help, or any official chat for that matter, but I have seen how badly xat has deteriorated over the years since I've been on it. I'm not bashing xat or official chats, it's just facts, you'd have to be blind to not see this. xat clearly is going downhill, and actions such as this are definitely not helping to bring users back nor would it help to bring new users. As @Christina stated, xat was founded to be a site of chatting, and when you can't even access your account that holds your friend's list and basically your identification on xat, you would get support. But now you can't even receive support for it because xat doesn't deem you "cool" enough to be helped, that's just saddening. I understand 1,000 worth in xats really isn't much, but it shouldn't matter, no one should lose the right to receive help just because they didn't decide to buy xats (or simply couldn't afford it.) In my opinion it's already bad enough you have to be a paid user to make tickets in certain departments, but that's irrelevant to this topic. In short, what is to gain from this policy? What issue made this policy arise? Why is it the decided way to deal with said issue? I have a feeling none of this will be changed, but could we at least be given a set standard for what is considered a "cool" ID? It leaves a very huge gray area if you just say it's up to volunteers to decide (when I'm sure not every volunteer has the same standard to consider an ID "cool").
  13. Alecks

    Xat Call

    And that's where you're wrong. No one is saying xat "has to" do anything. It's just a nice feature update @Cleon suggested that would be very useful. I'm sure if it wasn't in a side app (such as webcam) and clearly visible like PC and PM it would be utilized quite often. No need to get defensive over it, it's just a suggestion to improve xat, lol.
  14. Alecks

    Xat Call

    That's the whole point behind this. Not everyone has Skype or is comfortable sharing their Skype with another user. This allows calling native in the xat chat box, it's also more "convenient".
  15. Got a few songs, two of which are the two songs Logic just dropped recently. Logic - Flexicution Logic - Wrist A$AP Rocky - Max B Mark Battles - No Love Three Days Grace - Chalk Outline (Please note that some of these songs are explicit)
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