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  1. Happy Birthday !excited happy birthday GIF

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday sir! :D

  5. sup babe

  6. Alecks


    I think this has potential but I'm still not feeling the blueberry cookie being entirely blue, and how big are these? They seem like they'd be pretty big on the xat chats or maybe just like the punching bag/can smileys sizes?
  7. I came from SWBF2_The_Abyss, it was a chat for a game I used to play and they had it on their forums. This was back in like 2010 or somewhere around there.
  8. To be a xat volunteer, obviously. On a serious note: something to do with computers (web developer, software engineer, etc.)
  9. To be honest it's not that great (don't get me started on their terrible servers). I played it for one day and haven't touched it since. It's great if you happen to be traveling but I don't see much use in it aside from that. It also seems to be causing problems in the real world, people almost getting hurt, etc. It's really not that addicting and I don't see the appeal to it.
  10. Alecks

    Yes or No

    Yes, idk who wouldn't have every done at least one of these to a song. Do you like spicy food?
  11. You can feed off of my fear.
  12. Some notes: Fireworks is already a default smiley (subscribers only?) American Flag could just be used with the Flag power. Independence and Fourth are already powers to celebrate The Fourth of July. Would this just be a smiley power, or maybe something more "useful"?
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