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  1. Hi, Junior! This is Anar talking to you.

  2. xat, tomato is not a vegetable.

  3. I know why this discussion isn't going anywhere. Communism never works.
  4. Zak

    hello anar(hug)

  5. Hi everybody, Just wanted to announce that I am quitting xat. I really enjoyed the time I spent with you guys. I wish you the best for the future.
  6. Zak

    hello anar(hug)

  7. Heard it was your birthday. So happy birthday! ;) 

    1. Guinho


      Thank you, Anariana!

  8. Sedat

    Happy bday (sman)

  9. ANGY

    omg, happy birthday Anar! 

    1. Anar


      Thank you!

  10. iMoHd

    Happy birthday! 

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