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  1. Get rid of Flirt

    I know why this discussion isn't going anywhere. Communism never works.
  2. hello anar(hug)

  3. Goodbye xat

    Hi everybody, Just wanted to announce that I am quitting xat. I really enjoyed the time I spent with you guys. I wish you the best for the future.
  4. hello anar(hug)

  5. Heard it was your birthday. So happy birthday! ;) 

    1. Guinho


      Thank you, Anariana!

  6. Happy bday (sman)

  7. omg, happy birthday Anar! 

    1. Anar


      Thank you!

  8. Happy birthday! 

  9. Thanks to everyone for your birthday wishes, you made my day even more special! 

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    2. Unity


      Much better :)

    3. KanielOutis


      I did it in help chat and you didn0t see it. :( 

      Anyways, Happy Birthday !!

    4. Anar


      Thanks a lot guys!


      And Eleven, I saw it but I couldn't respond :$ 

  10. Happy birthday! ll3aL7.png

    1. Anar


      Thanks Duul! Nice cake.

  11. Bon anniversaire ! (smirk)


    (happy birthday)



    1. Anar


      Merci mec! :p 


      (thanks dude)

  12. Happy happy birthday, may all your dreams come true, I hope you like this carrot cake, my mom made it for you!

    1. Anar


      Thank you Kyle.

      This carrot cake is something exceptional, I love it. 

      Thanks a lot to your mom! A big kiss to her. X

  13. Happy Birthday!!

    1. Anar


      Thank you! :)