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  1. The Anar fruit (type Anar on google images) Pomegranate in Serbian..
  2. The forum is not a place to report chats related issues. If you think you have been unfairly banned, I suggest you to click on "Message" at bottom right of the chat to contact the Main Owner.
  3. Congratulations Crow, I knew you could make it.
  4. Congratulations @Unity, you'll be less bored now! Congratulations too Shake x
  5. Maybe the pcback was inappropriate or broke a rule? In this case, it's totally logical and normal that a moderator asks you to remove it or you get banned. If it wasn't inappropriate and didn't break any rules, then this user should click on "Message" at the bottom right of the chat and report the unfair ban to the Main Owner.
  6. His chat is not blocked. SJBB, this is an issue with your Chrome browser, as your chat is showing for me on the "Supported" list on Google Chrome. You'll have to try to clear your browser's cache/cookies, reset it or even uninstall and reinstall it if it's still not working.
  7. Congratulations to @SJBB on becoming a Contributor! Welcome to the team.
  8. Can we have that crown pawn please?
  9. That's an... original idea, to say the least.
  10. Happy Valentine's day Schatje :$ love you <3

    1. Elea


      Happy Valentine's day to you too amore!! (hug) Ti amo <333

  11. Unfortunatly I can't buy it yet but I would have liked the suggestion if somebody else suggested it, of course. I don't see how the person who suggested the power may change my opinion.
  12. I like this idea. I also think we should be able to control the fade duration. It could add a really cool effect to smilies!
  13. Nice update. The reputation race is on again! Who will reach the "Elite" title first? @Daniel @Brandon