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  1. 5 minutes ago, oj said:
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    Basically, what you're saying is we should treat every chat as Germany after the war, and the UN (all of xat) should consider how it's run?

    xat shouldn't be just limited to a select few, it's easier to say "hear the many" than to actually take into account the voice of every single person.

    For example, a way this is solved is by one person (contributor, volunteer, chat manager, simple dude whose respected, etc.) being the voice for a larger number of people or community that they represent. (could be split by language, official chat categories, official chats in general, etc, etc. idk)


    You're seeing this as if its a government electing officials to represent these people. They were picked -- not elected. Contributors do not represent what xat as a whole wants. 


    How do we find out what Xat as a whole wants? How about we ask them and make it a democracy and let everyone decide. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, Crow said:

    but a few members of the contributor group (who are trusted to give impartial, fair opinions) might. 


    The fact you don't trust the 99% of the community that make up "non-contributors" is quite sad. 


    A decision on who is leading a chat, or one that could re-shape xat should not be made by a select few but by the whole. 

  3. 4 hours ago, LaFleur said:

    [insert salt memes here]





    Interesting idea, but there is a problem: Most chats limit smilies to 6 per message, so this could easily turn into smiley-spam.

    Actually my idea was to replace the entire message with just like a "salt" emoji, so that it doesnt spam the chat. On top of that, they are gagged after they post it for 30 seconds so they cant flood the chat with it. 

  4. For anyone that has used Reddit, this would be similar to mod toolbox.


    Each chat would be separate, and only the mods of that chatbox could see the notes. Notes would be added per user, and by default a user will have "no notes".


    If a mod+ (assigned in gcontrol) adds a note, all other mods+ of that chatbox can see the note for that user. Note can be positive or negative to help manage chat.


    Suggestions welcome 


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