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  1. I could see this being a perfect time to introduce crypto-currencies as payment (Bitcoin, ethereum, etc) Less fees, greater accessibility etc. Totally agree with you @Brandon
  2. Gizzy


    This is an awesome idea. Definatley support this!
  3. What does someones sexual orientation have to do with their manners?
  4. You're seeing this as if its a government electing officials to represent these people. They were picked -- not elected. Contributors do not represent what xat as a whole wants. How do we find out what Xat as a whole wants? How about we ask them and make it a democracy and let everyone decide.
  5. The fact you don't trust the 99% of the community that make up "non-contributors" is quite sad. A decision on who is leading a chat, or one that could re-shape xat should not be made by a select few but by the whole.
  6. Gizzy

    Graphics chat

    The ole chat swap-a-roo
  7. Gizzy


    Actually my idea was to replace the entire message with just like a "salt" emoji, so that it doesnt spam the chat. On top of that, they are gagged after they post it for 30 seconds so they cant flood the chat with it.
  8. Gizzy


    Saltban power: Allows user to still talk, however it replaces all their words with salt shaker emoji -- Limited to one message every 30 seconds. Edit: It would not be a group power, it would be a ban power. Like gag, redcard, etc. It would be "Saltban"
  9. Gizzy


    For anyone that has used Reddit, this would be similar to mod toolbox. Each chat would be separate, and only the mods of that chatbox could see the notes. Notes would be added per user, and by default a user will have "no notes". If a mod+ (assigned in gcontrol) adds a note, all other mods+ of that chatbox can see the note for that user. Note can be positive or negative to help manage chat. Suggestions welcome
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