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  1. Happy Birthday Gizzy!

  2. Happy birthday, dude.

  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Booh

    happy birthday

  5. Mcht

    Happy Birthday :)





    Mcht (1030507)

  6. Gizzy

    Option For More xats Packages on Buy

    I could see this being a perfect time to introduce crypto-currencies as payment (Bitcoin, ethereum, etc) Less fees, greater accessibility etc. Totally agree with you @Brandon
  7. Gizzy


    Gizzy (2001)
  8. Gizzy

    Are we running out of powers?

    Alot of it comes down to "quality over quantity" I personally would rather wait a month for a cool thought out power/feature than get a new smiley once a week.
  9. Gizzy


    This is an awesome idea. Definatley support this!
  10. Gizzy

    Titles and vote system

    What does someones sexual orientation have to do with their manners?
  11. Gizzy

    Abandon the Contributors.

    You're seeing this as if its a government electing officials to represent these people. They were picked -- not elected. Contributors do not represent what xat as a whole wants. How do we find out what Xat as a whole wants? How about we ask them and make it a democracy and let everyone decide.
  12. Gizzy

    Abandon the Contributors.

    The fact you don't trust the 99% of the community that make up "non-contributors" is quite sad. A decision on who is leading a chat, or one that could re-shape xat should not be made by a select few but by the whole.
  13. Well well well, what do we have here...

  14. Gizzy

    Graphics chat

    The ole chat swap-a-roo

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