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  1. Happy Birthday Gizzy!

  2. Happy birthday, dude.

  3. Happy Birthday!

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    happy birthday

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    Mcht (1030507)

  6. I could see this being a perfect time to introduce crypto-currencies as payment (Bitcoin, ethereum, etc) Less fees, greater accessibility etc. Totally agree with you @Brandon
  7. Alot of it comes down to "quality over quantity" I personally would rather wait a month for a cool thought out power/feature than get a new smiley once a week.
  8. Gizzy


    This is an awesome idea. Definatley support this!
  9. What does someones sexual orientation have to do with their manners?
  10. You're seeing this as if its a government electing officials to represent these people. They were picked -- not elected. Contributors do not represent what xat as a whole wants. How do we find out what Xat as a whole wants? How about we ask them and make it a democracy and let everyone decide.
  11. The fact you don't trust the 99% of the community that make up "non-contributors" is quite sad. A decision on who is leading a chat, or one that could re-shape xat should not be made by a select few but by the whole.
  12. Well well well, what do we have here...

  13. Gizzy

    Graphics chat

    The ole chat swap-a-roo
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