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  1. That does not answer my question and since I was blocked for no reason


    Now they last a long time to unlock me? I need the xats to continue trading and I want to have my powers back.

    I also downloaded arcbot, for that inconvenience and I want to recover my rank

    I am ex moderator of xat.com/arcbot and for that blocking reason they voted me on the list of staff so I need the answer as soon as possible

  2. I think it should accommodate human are because in the mobile robots can not appear too should accommodate the registry because if I register with the name I want not the place I xat

    new smilies also have to be in the application
    when you send only the name but not the smilies Greetings

  3. i need help im getting error 55 on my account JoseR0a     (52979637) 

    and I think I know why 

    yesterday I bought a xats person you buy all of Venezuela xats for money in a bank transfer ..

    first sale


    here it is like sending me the xats 




    here is how I will send the money ..


    <personal info removed>


    second sale


    I sent the xats the second sale



    The money from the second sale



    <personal info removed>


    that likely are not losing my xats

     I need help please..


    I can not open ticket


    i need help 

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