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  1. Hello Mihai,


    xat does not support the resale of shortnames on xat. Hence, there is no way to conveniently sell the shortnames that you own. This however does not mean it is prohibited! (In a way, please continue reading)


    If one were to try to sell the email associated with the account, they would be denied any services through the ticket form because they did not register this account. Not only is this a very easy way to have more of your data stolen (i.e: very insecure), it may also lead to account closure. Indeed, giving others the email to your account is prohibited. 


    The only way that it’s been speculated to sell shortnames is to pay the user to delete the name themselves. Once they do so, provided they are a paid user, they may create a ticket to ask for the shortname to be put back up for sale. Then and only then would the seller actually use their xats to purchase the name themselves. I believe it’s been kept this difficult on purpose.


    Dopest point out that the resale of shortnames is not allowed on Trade. Nor is it on Help, and many other official chats.


    Hopefully this answers your question. If you need any other sort of information, please reply back and let me know. Otherwise, I will be closing this thread within a few days. 



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