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  1. I'm here to report a non-urgent, non-application breaking bug. I did a little research and I didn't see it mentioned before but I figured I'd mention it so it can be put on the back burner and worried about later. 


    I am using Mobile version 1.5.9 on iOS.

    I received a tempmod earlier in the day, PC'd a user on mobile, and then proceeded to lose the tempmod (due to the time running out)

    I then PC'd another user in the same chat.


    In the first PC (the PC I opened when I was a tempmod,) my pawn appeared white like a moderator: http://imgur.com/WCufAVt

    In the second PC (the PC I opened after I lost my tempmod), my appeared blue like a member: http://imgur.com/fEuhmLL

    The times in the screenshots are a little misleading because the clock changed, however the gist of the bug is that if you PC a user whilst tempmod, your pawn will persist to appear white, client-side, and if you lose the tempmod and PC someone, your pawn will appear blue (client-side).


    Like I mentioned, very small, and non-breaking at all. But I figured I'd mention it just incase. 


  2. I feel like this would lead to a lot of miscommunication issues. While they could all be fixed, it just seems kind of unnecessary like Harrison suggested. But, not to say it cannot be expanded upon!

  3. You can already say /debug fps 60 in a debug chat and speed up everything or /debug fps 10 to (arguably) slow things down.


    I see your suggestion only pertains to powers/smilies though, so I'd be interested to see how that'd work out. Maybe some more animated-oriented powers would come out after. 

  4. So would you be keeping the powers (purple, blueman, gold, etc.) on while you still used everypower or vice versa? I feel like this would pull purpose away from the already (kind of) shortcuts we have like /-blueman /+blueman. 


    That isn't to say I dislike the idea though, but it would need a bit of expanding, I think. 



  5. '' => array(73, "p1military"), // military

    '' => array(145, "p1dove"), //   // peace

    '' => array(145, "p1peace"), //   // peace

    '' => array(136, "p1moon"), //   // spaceban

    '' => array(176, "p1ups"), //   // reverse

    '' => array(140, "p1matchban"), //   // matchaban

    :d thanks 42

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