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  1. 2 hours ago, Cobes264 said:

    After sending emails back and fourth in the ticket center to some random volunteer, I get told a warning email has been sent TO A NON-EXISTENT EMAIL ADDRESS, which I explained to this volunteer countless times that IT DOESN'T EXIST ANYMORE, and that I have to wait and not reply to the volunteer for 7 days, all while implying that I am a hacker and trying to get access to someone else's account. I have provided all the required information accurately and even posted a copy of the most recent receipt from xats that I myself had purchased from the account when I was active. But oh no, even that wasn't good enough and I'm left replying to the same, repetitive security questions "Do you have any other xat accounts? What was the exact date of account creation? Do you have any powers?"

    What kind of absolute toiletry security system is this where it's costing me, a paying xat customer, a proverbial arm and a leg just to get access to my account again? I tell ya I have never seen such a shoddy way to recover an account. xat FAILS at customer service and giving their paying customers the benefit of the doubt.

    We're glad to see that you were able to open a ticket regarding this issue.


    The protocol that we volunteers follow when it comes to Lost Access is as you mentioned-- we first send a warning email to the "lost email" in question. We understand that the email may not exist, but this is done to ward off any phishing attempts by malicious users. After all, the last thing we would want is for someone else to gain access to your account! The logic here is that if someone were to open a ticket claiming that they lost access to YOUR email, you'd be able to reply within 7 days to tell them that nothing is wrong! This is all with your security in mind; we don't do this to be annoying!


    After a 7 day period has expired and there has been no reply from the "lost email", we then proceed in helping you recover your account by allowing you to change the email. The follow up questions are simply meant to further confirm that you're the true account owner, again with having your account's security in mind. We apologize that you feel that you're having to give up a proverbial arm & leg due to this process, but we assure you that this is the safest way to ensure everyone's accounts on xat are secured!


    I certainly hope I've been able to shed a bit of light on the situation, and why we feel that it's a bad idea to give customers the benefit of the doubt. 


    If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to me here on the forum by shooting me a personal message, or at the help chat, found at https://xat.com/Help


    In the mean time, I will be locking this thread, since you were able to successfully open a ticket about your issue. 

  2. Hello,


    Please register a secondary xat account. If you need help with that, please visit a help chat or let me know here. 


    After you’ve done so, please create a ticket under the help department of “Lost Access”. Be sure to include a subject of at least 5+ words and describe your entire issue in the message box. Include the ID/username of the account that you lost access to the email to, as well as the email address itself. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Makarosole68 said:

    How exactly do we activate this power

    :$  How exactly do we activate this power

    You need to own the power (548 - Fido) and have days to use stickers.

    :$ You need to own the power (548 - Fido) and have days to use stickers.

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  4. We need a bit more information from you first. 


    1) Are you using a phone, laptop, desktop, or tablet to connect to xat?


    2) Are you using WiFi, a hotspot, or a wired connection to connect to xat?


    3) Which OS/Browser are you using?


    4) Are you using a proxy or VPN to connect to xat?



  5. 48 minutes ago, iDan said:

    Exactly this, users can use a brown pawn (banned) even if they are not banned, and I think it would be worth being turned into power, so there will be no confusions in the room, so only those who have the "power" can use.

    I personally don’t think this is a good suggestion at all. Not only does it defeat the purpose of having a banned pawn to begin with, it would create a lot of confusion within the chat and generally just be another low-effort power. 

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  6. I don't fully understand this suggestion. Are you suggesting that users will be able to use a brown pawn, even if they're not banned?


    If so, why would this be a good idea or worth being made into a power? In my opinion it would cause a lot of confusion and miscommunication. Feel free to correct me if I've misunderstood your idea. 

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    Si tienes cualquier otra pregunta, por favor, abre un nuevo tema.

  8. Since the OP has not provided a secondary contact ID, this topic has been closed.


    If you believe this was done in error, please contact a moderator or volunteer to have the topic opened. You can also report this post to notify a moderator that you want it opened.

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