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  1. Normally most of the suggestions I see in this section aren’t very well thought out, but I can tell you’ve really spent some time considering this one. I hope to see this made soon!

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  2. Hola,


    Normalmente los chats no los bloquean sin una buena razon. Puede ser que algo haya pasado en tu chat durante tu ausencia para que bloquearon a tu chat. 


    Si quisieras, puedes abrir un ticket (https://xat.com/ticket) para preguntar las razones de su eliminación. Por favor, date en cuenta que haciendo esto no significa que van a desbloquear tu chat. Deberías abrir el ticket en el departamento de “Chat Block.” Acuerdate que el ticket debe estar abierto completamente en ingles. 



  3. Hello,


    If you have completely lost access to the email of the account iiLoboGris(1466155144), you will need to register a second xat account. You can do so by going to any xat chat, typing “register”, and clicking the underlined word.


    After registering a secondary xat account, you will need to open a support ticket under the help topic of “Lost Access”. Here, you can describe that you completely lost access to the attached email account, and need to change it.


    Remember to write a subject that is 5 or more words, and that your message body must be in English. 


    After submitting the ticket, the support volunteers will guide you through the process of how you can verify yourself as the account owner. 


    If you need any assistance with opening a ticket, feel free to reply back to me here, or visit https://xat.com/Help

  4. Hola,


    Usted debe enviar un ticket con su cuenta (la que tiene el held) en el departamento de “Account Block”. Escriba un subject con 5+ palabras y describa que su cuenta esta en held por 843 días. 


    Si ya ha enviado un ticket, solo usted tiene que esperar para una respuesta. 

  5. Agreed with Leandro.


    The administrators are aware of the state of Big (and several other powers), but simply making the power unlimited is not going to solve anything. A basic knowledge of how economics work might hint that lowering one huge price point drastically would just raise several smaller ones.


    I think xLaming is on the right track, perhaps we can release some for the anniversary, or black friday. Stay tuned!

  6. 2 hours ago, Leandro said:

    It’s not actually a “tickle” tab since more stuff is going to be added there, so that’s why it was moved (wary)

    Yeah it’s gonna be the Notifications tab pretty soon. Doesn’t change the fact that it needs to be moved! (applause)

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  7. I've been using HTML5 a bit more recently and while I can say there are definitely some things that feel different, I'm starting to appreciate and enjoy what the project has turned into. 


    I used to be under the guise that the transition from using flash to html5 would be painful but I'm starting to think it won't be so bad, time is simply needed to become accustomed to it. 


    For real though? Move that tickle tab... (wary) 

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  8. @iSanty Could this be fixed, please? :$ 


    My perspective: (Rainbow pawn doesn't work)


    Her perspective: (Rainbow pawn does work)



    Edit: Subhide and Reghide are disabled. The pawn works when I'm alone but when my bff/marry comes to the chat, the pawn stops working. 

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