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Bug Comments posted by Angelo

  1. This issue was previously escalated to the administrators, months ago. 


    Their reply was that people should be more careful when buying xats and make sure they know where they're buying xats from (i.e skrill or paysafecard). 

  2. Unable to reproduce:






    Can you give some more specific details?


    • What browser are you using?
    • Does this issue persist on multiple different browsers?
    • What OS are you using?
    • Does this still occur even after you clear cookies/cache?
    • Done! 1
  3. 7 hours ago, SLOom said:

    The pawns work for me ? (since it's released)


    What is wrong here with the pawns?

    1) Enable (hat#hb) or (hat#ho) from Blacksale on xat.com/xat5?new


    2) They should appear as your new hat in Main chat


    3) They should NOT appear as your new hat in a PC


    This is what happened to be while trying to reproduce this bug yesterday; I would ignore what Imr is posting.


    See if you can also reproduce it.

  4. Sorry for my haste. I've been able to reproduce this bug on HTML for the current Blacksale pawns: ho and hb. 


    I'm unsure if this is currently affecting other pawns, but it might be worth looking into. 


    For now, I'll keep the bug priority as Trivial, as I'm unsure if this is affecting just Blacksale, or if it affects all limited time pawns. If it's affecting all pawns, we may bump it up to a Normal priority.


    I'll go ahead and let the administrators know about this and see if they can make the pawns work on HTML5. 

  5. Quote


    It appears as if bauble is still present as a pawn in the collection, which means it should be working. 


    Here are a few tips I can think of that you should try on a desktop computer and see if they work:

    • Enable (reghide)
    • Disable (flashrank)
    • Disable (typing)
    • Make sure you're using the code (hat#h#bauble) and not something like "buable"
    • Make sure you actually own Superxmas and have all the powers for it.
  6. Can you please add more details about this bug? So far, you've been so vague that it's impossible to understand what you're reporting. 

  7. Do you know if any other users are experiencing this too? i.e chat-wide or just yourself?


    If it’s just you, I have suspicions it could be due to the stability of your connection (as that sometimes happens to me) 

  8. Changed Priority to Priority: Normal

    Please clarify these discrepencies:


    1) First you claimed this happens when you visit a chat OR login. Which one is it? Both? Just login? You only provided one screenshot for the login page


    2) Please make sure you have a stable internet connection, or you may time out. Try things such as power cycling your modem & router to ensure you’re connected.


    3) Does this issue persist if you try a different browser? If not, use that browser instead.



    In the future, please do not make your bug reports so vague. It is almost useless to report a bug if you don’t provide as many details as possible. Include as much information as you can about this situation.

  9. We will need more evidence or details before we’re able to proceed! 


    Thinks such as event logs could be useful, perhaps. 


    Are you sure the tempmodded users weren’t kicked/dunced/yellowcarded etc ?

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  10. 1 minute ago, Leandro said:

    it would be ideal if there's an actual fix to it.

    Does this issue happen on HTML5 or Flash? (Or both?)


    If it’s flash only, I think this could probaby be considered “Won’t Fix”, otherwise I agree with you.

  11. Whenever he “deleted the codes and using them again”, did he delete/paste them? Or did he re-type them? 


    This is a semi-common problem at help, and it usually seems like RETYPING the codes and NOT COPYING/PASTING will resolve this issue (albeit, it’s still an issue).


    Can you contact this user and see if this helps?

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