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  1. I just don't see it serving much purpose, another smiley power is really the opposite of what we need right now.
  2. I cannot get the top right hand corner icons to show up. Any ideas? Thanks.
  3. Angelo

    408 MEOW

    Whats the price or are you going to make us wait
  4. Angelo


    I've declined quite a few middleman offers simply because I didn't want to have to be connected to a transaction in case the xats/k2 ended up being shady. I like the idea, but would the 5% that goes to volunteers/devs be split up between all the volunteers and devs? Would it be considered as profit aka "spending money", or would it be kept for an idea like Brandon had where there are "insufficient funds in the pool of funds"? Or both?
  5. Angelo

    Turtle Power

    Pretty soon we're going to have every single animal possible as a power....
  6. You can check http://xthelp.x10.mx/index.html to see if your ticket's department is delayed or not. This will give you a better idea of how long your ticket might take. Thanks.
  7. The only issue I see with this would be that it would make the "coding" in one's name extremely long and/or clunky. I personally am already being turned off by using namegrad because of how long the code ends up being for my desired pattern. I do like the intentions of the idea, but I hope in the future there is a separate way to achieve the same goal. Some power (preferably not epic, lol) that could freely allow you color specific characters?
  8. I suppose a combination of both could be used, where you could assign (bad) to your chat and decide which words were to be censored/QQQ'd like stah said. Also for the trolls bit, true, but that's what moderators and owners are for!
  9. What if instead, admin blacklisted certain words to become QQQQs in your name, just like what happens if you put "xat" in your name. They could replace all the curse words. Then once a troll talks and it's obvious they were trying to be malicious, you could ban them, and no one would have to see the inappropriate words?
  10. I hardly ever seen anyone use a homepage though..
  11. Should be interesting! Unfortunately that's like 2am for me '-'
  12. Angelo

    Yes or No

    No I hate it Do you like the band "The Neighbourhood"?
  13. I'm here to report a non-urgent, non-application breaking bug. I did a little research and I didn't see it mentioned before but I figured I'd mention it so it can be put on the back burner and worried about later. I am using Mobile version 1.5.9 on iOS. I received a tempmod earlier in the day, PC'd a user on mobile, and then proceeded to lose the tempmod (due to the time running out) I then PC'd another user in the same chat. In the first PC (the PC I opened when I was a tempmod,) my pawn appeared white like a moderator: http://imgur.com/WCufAVt In the second PC (the PC I opened after I lost my tempmod), my appeared blue like a member: http://imgur.com/fEuhmLL The times in the screenshots are a little misleading because the clock changed, however the gist of the bug is that if you PC a user whilst tempmod, your pawn will persist to appear white, client-side, and if you lose the tempmod and PC someone, your pawn will appear blue (client-side). Like I mentioned, very small, and non-breaking at all. But I figured I'd mention it just incase. Thanks.
  14. I feel like this would lead to a lot of miscommunication issues. While they could all be fixed, it just seems kind of unnecessary like Harrison suggested. But, not to say it cannot be expanded upon!
  15. You can already say /debug fps 60 in a debug chat and speed up everything or /debug fps 10 to (arguably) slow things down. I see your suggestion only pertains to powers/smilies though, so I'd be interested to see how that'd work out. Maybe some more animated-oriented powers would come out after.
  16. Angelo

    Pawn function

    So would you be keeping the powers (purple, blueman, gold, etc.) on while you still used everypower or vice versa? I feel like this would pull purpose away from the already (kind of) shortcuts we have like /-blueman /+blueman. That isn't to say I dislike the idea though, but it would need a bit of expanding, I think.
  17. Zuke day has come to an official end. Thank you for participating everyone!
  18. '' => array(73, "p1military"), // military '' => array(145, "p1dove"), // // peace '' => array(145, "p1peace"), // // peace '' => array(136, "p1moon"), // // spaceban '' => array(176, "p1ups"), // // reverse '' => array(140, "p1matchban"), // // matchaban thanks 42
  19. Any chance you could bring back some even older pawns Admin? Thanks though!
  20. 100% certain I will not be participating.
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