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  1. But not everyone has these games.. so a lot of people would be missing out on the contest, when it normally should be free for all to enter. Bad idea.
  2. I'm thinking of starting a new anime soon. Any suggestions?

    1. Chelly


      koutetsujou no kabaneri

    2. Angelo


      @Ethan I don't care. 

      I forgot to mention.. make sure it's dubbed.. heh.. heh. 


    3. Ethan


      Ew dubbed anime

      Well okay, I'll make you a list. 

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  3. Just a suggestion: make it a mix of xat and non-xat. This would cater to everyone's desires and make it fun for all. I know I'll be participating if trivia is involved! Thanks for hosting this, Dami! Also, as for a date, I'd try to avoid Dec 24, 25, Late Dec 31 and Jan 1st.
  4. I don't think you were forever banned for having curse words in your status. Please just wait out the ban that they've given you, and do not break the rules again. If you have any more concerns, please let me know.
  5. I assume all of those dates are not multiple tickets, but rather when your ticket was replied to? Please keep in mind that opening a thread on the forum will not speed up the process of your ticket being replied to. Some tickets can take far longer than others, depending on the issue at hand. Please continue to remain patient. Volunteers are humans too, and are busy with real life and the holidays coming up. Eu suponho que todas essas datas não são multiplos tickets, mas quando o seu ticket foi respondido? Por favor tenha em mente que criar um tópico no tópico não vai acelerar o processo de resposta do ticket, alguns tickets podem demorar mais que outros, depende do problema. Por favor continue sendo paciente, voluntários são humanos também e ocupados com a sua vida e festas de fim de ano chegando.
  6. I use them both, but I probably use chats far more often than I do the forum. That's not to say I don't check daily, though!
  7. Angelo

    Chips Power

    Good point, lmao.
  8. If you're looking for numbers, count me out. I don't know the first thing about the game. If you're looking for opinions, I think you could easily round up enough people to play.
  9. I'm going to assume you're trying to reset a chat that's listed under the language of Romanian, which in this case, I believe would cause it to glitch out as Maverick stated. (Since Romanian captcha is broken) You'll have to wait for it to be fixed, if that truly ends up being the case.
  10. When you tried two other computers, were you logged into your account? (meaning you would have account locking off) Or did you use a new account / unregistered account? Did it still give you the captcha? Were you connected to the same network when you tried the other two pcs? It might have something to do with your current network.
  11. From what I've heard, having a dynamic IP address can cause some issues on xat. I'm not entirely sure why your hold wouldn't go down, however. Have you tried logging in from another browser, and then trying to open a ticket for your issue? If you've done that, and that along with your previous attempts to clear your cache/cookies are failing, please Private Message any volunteer that has their message box open, and ask them to open a ticket for you: https://forum.xat.com/staff Make sure to include your registered name, ID number, and purpose for opening a ticket in the private message.
  12. One option for you to use while you wait for a ticket reply is to logout of your account, make a newid, and then register your newid. Use it to chat with your friends until your ticket is answered. You'll be notified via e-mail when you have a reply.
  13. "Satan announced..." Love the interview, Carl
  14. Do you think there's anything else that could cause the issue? I'm currently using Chrome, Version 55.0.2883.87. My RAM usage before going to xat.com/Trade : 23% My RAM usage after going to xat.com/Trade: 26% I've currently running 16GB on this machine. I'm not really experiencing any issues with trade, or xat in itself. Any other options?
  15. Congratulations! ¡Felicitaciones!
  16. I'd have to agree with Sloom. It's all about priority, and what admin feels is the best direction to take. Implementing new smilies/powers/hugs/kisses and all of that is fine, but expecting a suggestion such as a game or a new feature just might be asking too much at this point in time. You also have to remember that maybe some of the suggestions that are made might just not be worth it. Value > Work = Good Value < Work = Bad
  17. Hey there, You can always trying PMing a volunteer all of the details, such as Vale or Nick. Good luck!
  18. Well see that's the scenario we've been faced with. Your argument makes sense; why would one user need to work hard to make xat a better place in the past, (such as xer), only to be rewarded with a shortname that could be made possible for purchase in the future? It would take some of the reward out of having such a prize.
  19. I think Jedi has a point. If 3 letter shortnames/IDs were available for purchase, it'd ruin how special they are. Next thing you know we'd be begging for 2. And like mentioned, those with the most amount of cash would always win.
  20. Not to mention not everyone on xat celebrates Christmas. What about all the other religious holidays? I think logos and powers are fine, for celebratory purposes.
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