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  1. Is this when buying with skrill like Maverick/Elie suggested? Or is it another issue? Where should I redirect users who receive this issue if they want to claim their free power? Thanks Brandon
  2. I wouldn't mind seeing this at all, since the price is a little bit hefty.
  3. I didn't notice one (in fact I don't know if they mentioned it) but in the future as people report it, I'll make sure to ask. drerkutios (1443765290) ID45726703 (45726703) I'm sure there were at least 2 more users but I don't have them right now - as more pop up I'll post them.
  4. Angelo


    I prefer the new version to the old version. I hope it doesn't change.
  5. Hey everyone, I have a quick question and just wanted to see if I could find some clarification. As of lately, there have been quite a few users who have claimed that they've bought xats from buy, only to receive the xats and days, but not being able to claim their free power. A few users have been claiming that they're able to receive the xats, and have actually been charged for their xats, but when they go to attempt to claim their free power, they're met with System Problem 33. According to the wiki, Error 33 is "Temporary transfer hold. Blocks only outgoing transfers and trades." So what I'm wondering, are these users not allowed to claim their free powers? Will they be able to in the future? Have they basically just missed out on black friday? Should they make a ticket? Thanks.
  6. Angelo

    Gift Payment

    Reddit gold? xat gold?
  7. Hi, I'm having a bit of an issue connecting to the mobile xat app as of lately. I am using iOS, on my iPhone 6S. Whenever I try to login, I am met with a continuous, non-ending "Connecting.." cycle. I have tried many different wifi networks, 3G, and LTE. I've tried many different locations, and I can't seem to connect anywhere. Whenever I try to login, I am asked to check my current xat e-mail to confirm the mobile device. I have done so away from home, but also at my PC, where I login to the e-mail every day. I have tried installing the xat app from TestFlight, and from the app store. I have tried uninstalling both the TestFlight and the app store version, and re-installing. I have tried restarting my phone. Note, I am able to successfully login, but cannot connect to any xat chat. Again, I have used multiple locations, wifi networks, as well as 3G and LTE. Thanks. Started happening 11/23/2016.
  8. First off I'll go ahead and assure you that when you login, the screen that you got was not abnormal. "Login" is just a button that is present on the homepage for people to easily go and login. http://imgur.com/9NrJXXi When you go to any xat chat, right click in the chat and click on "Settings". Locate the little folder icon and click on it. You need to make sure that you're allowing xatech to store information on your computer, like such: http://prntscr.com/db34fb If this is not checked as allow, you'll need to allow it and refresh. Also, when you are going to login, are you closing out of every other xat window you have open, and then going to one single chat? Does this "endless loop" happen on every browser, or just one?
  9. You logged out too? Make sure to follow the steps I suggested directly. If you really did (in the span of like one minute lol) then go ahead and PM a volunteer and ask them nicely.
  10. Here are a few methods I use to attempt to overcome this endless loop: If you're using chrome, follow this link : Logout (this will log you out of your account), then go and clear your cache and cookies. Login once, and attempt to create the ticket. If this fails, Close your current browser, and open a new one. Clear the cache of this browser, and then login once. Attempt to make the ticket. Make sure you're attempting to create this ticket from your original home IP address (where your account was first registered) And.. if all else fails, I suppose a volunteer can open a ticket for you if you ask nicely!
  11. I have so whenever I exit my browser, it does not automatically clear my cache/cookies/history. I have to go and do this manually. Yet for some reason, I have to go check my e-mail to login at least 80% of the time when I attempt to login. Ideas?
  12. Angelo

    "Help" Pawn

    I could see how this could sometimes be a good idea, when help becomes extremely populated and people are asking for help simultaneously, it can get a bit hectic. It'd probably be used to troll though. Meh.
  13. Hey, Did you try embedding your chat onto your own private website? I've seen a few users have this issue, where they were unable to type become of embedding issues. If you did, go back to your chat, and make sure that you copied the embed code from the bottom left hand corner of chat exactly as it appeared. Also make sure that your chat is not in Live Mode, and do not have Members only enabled.
  14. The number "five hundred"
  15. One of the most popular chats on xat (in terms of number of users present at one time) is popular because it was embedded on a website which gets a lot of views per day. Help and Trade are popular, I think, because of their functions.
  16. Angelo

    Agreeban power

    I doubt it. I'm sure 100% of people would click agree every time - but at least a fraction of those would stop doing what they were doing. The other fraction.. that continues to act like a fool anyway, would be actually banned.
  17. The way that trade prices are looking now - blackfriday is a constant thing. Almost every power is low, aside from a few specific ones. New powers aren't yielding much profit, they're staying cheap.
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