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  1. Angelo

    426 LOVEFX

    No Mihay said it would be fixed soon.
  2. Congratulations! Now it really will seem like a "wiki chat!"
  3. Elaborate. A 24 hour ban isn't 24 hours? You don't get banned every time?
  4. I... what? I was under the impression that if you got banned on a chat, then switched accounts (either by logging in or changing browsers), you would become banned on that account too. Is this not true?
  5. If you open a thread saying you're selling IDs, shouldn't you provide the actual IDs you're selling, or perhaps some contact information so we can get in touch with you?
  6. I would marry Mike because I know he'd say yes.
  7. I sometimes wonder why they stopped doing them. Sure, it could be fun.
  8. If your account is held for more than 7 days, or you receive error 55, do what Shake said and open a ticket under account block. Make sure that the subject is 5 or more words. If your account is held for less than 7 days but the hold persists and does not decrease, then make a ticket under "Account Hold". Again, please make sure the subject is 5 or more words. You do not need to be a paid user for either department.
  9. This is a fine idea, just as long as all of the trade taxes that people pay get redirected to the account Angelo (18500000)
  10. Angelo

    Hey everyone !

    I don't think this is the appropriate place to whine about a zap (that was justified). If you have an issue, contact Bryan.
  11. Pow2 says limited. Mountain
  12. No, estoy diciendo que no necesitas ser un usuario de pago
  13. En adición, no necesitas ser un usuario de pago en el departamento "Lost Acess". http://i.imgur.com/uCJC1nK.png Por favor, envíes su mensaje en inglés también.
  14. But the real question is, why?
  15. Angelo

    error 55

    Opening a forum thread will not cause you to get a faster response on your ticket. Please remain patient. Many other xat users submit tickets on a daily basis, causing a bit of a backup for the volunteers who answer them.
  16. I don't think it'd serve a real, unique purpose. Not to mention, as Tanner stated, it would be difficult to find reliable and trustworthy long-term sellers. Resellers sell xats (usually) to people in countries who cannot buy xats. Why would there be a real need for ID resellers, besides for your own benefit or getting your name on a wiki article? What would xat gain from this, when they already have the auction system? Lastly, if you feel the need to put your name out there, there is always the ID section of the forums, as well as the chats Loja and Swap.
  17. Special thanks to Bryan and Mony and all of the Trade team for putting on amazing anniversary party. 5 hours of fun, laughter, and prizes. (Pocketed 15k)

  18. Well obviously you did/said something that people did not like. Welcome to the real world, buddy!
  19. I expected a selfie, Jedi!
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