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  1. Not to mention not everyone on xat celebrates Christmas. What about all the other religious holidays? I think logos and powers are fine, for celebratory purposes.
  2. This must've been a mistake. Probably an internal error. Daniel will be on top once @Admin fixes the bug.
  3. Angelo

    Hangout christmas BG

    Can't you upload it somewhere like imgur.com? Just to avoid risks of downloading stuff..
  4. Inb4 this idea is released as a power
  5. Congratulations Arturo
  6. I've always imagined that this would happen sooner or later, but that doesn't mean that I'm looking forward to it..
  7. Angelo

    My designs

    Ever worked on xatspaces? I've been meaning to get a new one. Though my preferences are a little bit out of your style.. but maybe we could work something out.
  8. I agree, I'm just worried that if xat keeps releasing more amazing pawns, that admin will be reluctant to keep making power-linked pawns permanent. If classic is kept permanent, then we will currently have 3 power-linked pawns.
  9. Could easily be spammed/abused. Maybe if this was implemented it could be a power where you could only @ someone once every minute, maybe two or three?
  10. You could always open up the second chat in another window and switch between tabs.
  11. No, haha, what I mean is it, if they go to the blackfriday page and try to claim their free power, won't it detect a purchase, but give them the current $40 package power? They bought xats for angel, but who knows if it'll make another appearance. Would they be stuck in having to claim fairy?
  12. Thanks Nick. I know a lot of people who bought xats solely bought them for the (angel) power; have they missed out on claiming their angel now?
  13. Hey there, If you've lost both the knowledge as to what your e-mail is AND your password, you're going to need to create a new ID (new account) here and then go ahead and register that ID here Once you've done this, you can go ahead and create a support ticket at xat.com/ticket. You've made you a new account so you can actually go ahead and create a ticket. Make sure you tell them that you cannot remember your account's email, as well as your registered name and Identification number. Once you've submitted your ticket, you need to wait for a reply, where you might be asked a few security questions to prove that the original account truly was yours. If you answer them correctly, there is a chance you'll be given the first 3 letters of your e-mail address that is linked to your xat account. From there, it's up to you to remember it! Good luck!
  14. Is this when buying with skrill like Maverick/Elie suggested? Or is it another issue? Where should I redirect users who receive this issue if they want to claim their free power? Thanks Brandon
  15. I wouldn't mind seeing this at all, since the price is a little bit hefty.
  16. I didn't notice one (in fact I don't know if they mentioned it) but in the future as people report it, I'll make sure to ask. drerkutios (1443765290) ID45726703 (45726703) I'm sure there were at least 2 more users but I don't have them right now - as more pop up I'll post them.
  17. Angelo


    I prefer the new version to the old version. I hope it doesn't change.
  18. Hey everyone, I have a quick question and just wanted to see if I could find some clarification. As of lately, there have been quite a few users who have claimed that they've bought xats from buy, only to receive the xats and days, but not being able to claim their free power. A few users have been claiming that they're able to receive the xats, and have actually been charged for their xats, but when they go to attempt to claim their free power, they're met with System Problem 33. According to the wiki, Error 33 is "Temporary transfer hold. Blocks only outgoing transfers and trades." So what I'm wondering, are these users not allowed to claim their free powers? Will they be able to in the future? Have they basically just missed out on black friday? Should they make a ticket? Thanks.
  19. Angelo

    Gift Payment

    Reddit gold? xat gold?
  20. Hi, I'm having a bit of an issue connecting to the mobile xat app as of lately. I am using iOS, on my iPhone 6S. Whenever I try to login, I am met with a continuous, non-ending "Connecting.." cycle. I have tried many different wifi networks, 3G, and LTE. I've tried many different locations, and I can't seem to connect anywhere. Whenever I try to login, I am asked to check my current xat e-mail to confirm the mobile device. I have done so away from home, but also at my PC, where I login to the e-mail every day. I have tried installing the xat app from TestFlight, and from the app store. I have tried uninstalling both the TestFlight and the app store version, and re-installing. I have tried restarting my phone. Note, I am able to successfully login, but cannot connect to any xat chat. Again, I have used multiple locations, wifi networks, as well as 3G and LTE. Thanks. Started happening 11/23/2016.
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